How Each Zodiac Handles Emergencies

How Each Zodiac Handles Emergencies


You’re fueled by adrenaline, so you’re in your element during emergencies. You’re the hero who jumps into action.


You cannot stand change or unexpected surprises. In emergencies, you become frozen. You find it hard to move.


You aren’t afraid to run for the hills when something goes wrong. You’ll save yourself first, and maybe worry about others later.


You’re a fixer who cares more about others than yourself. If someone you love is in danger, then you’re going to do whatever you possibly can to help.

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You’ll have meltdowns over the tiniest thing. But, strangely, you’re calm in emergencies. You keep your cool and take the lead.


You’re a worrier, so emergencies rarely catch you by surprise. You’ve already thought every scenario through in your head, so you know exactly what to do.


You get really quiet. You freak out, internally, but you try not to show it. You try to stay strong for everyone around you.


You get angry when something goes wrong. You try to find someone to blame. You have trouble controlling yourself.


You aren’t surprised when something goes wrong. You’re a pessimist at heart, so it sounds about right.


You always keep your cool, even when you’re panicking on the inside. You’re the perfect person to have around during emergencies because you make everyone feel like it’s going to be okay.


You’ll break into tears during emergencies. You won’t be able to control your emotions. They’ll get the best of you.


During emergencies, you’ll whip out your phone and record the drama. You won’t help. You might actually cause more damage. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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