You Might Love Them — But Do You Like Them?

You Might Love Them — But Do You Like Them?

Sometimes, you can be so blinded by your love for someone that you fail to realize that your relationship isn’t really working, that you aren’t a great match, that you don’t actually like them as a person. It might sound strange, but there’s a pretty big difference between like and love. Although you might be head over heels for your person, you need to ask yourself these questions to make sure you like your person, too:

Do you like hanging out with this person? Do you enjoy the time you spend together? Do you have a lot in common? Do they really listen when you speak? Do you really listen when they speak? Do you miss them when they’re not around? Do you look forward to seeing them again? Are you happier when you’re together than when you’re apart? Do you like them, as a person, as much as you like the idea of them?

Do you like the way this person makes you feel? Do they make you feel good about yourself? Do they raise your confidence or make you feel insecure about your body? Do they give you more reasons to laugh out loud than to cry into your pillowcase? Do they make you feel relaxed, comforted, and understood? Do they take away your stress instead of adding to it?

Do you like this person’s personality? Do you think they have strong morals that align with your own? Do you think they’re a genuinely good person? Do you consider them funny? Do you enjoy hearing their opinions on movies, books, and television shows? Are you fascinated by their interests? Do you want to know more and more about them? Do you consider them someone you could keep in your life forever?

Do you like being intimate with them? Do you like when they hold your hand? Do you like when they cuddle with you? Do you like when they go down on you? Do you feel like you get intimate with them out of pure enjoyment, and not obligation? Do you get butterflies when they walk into the room? Do you feel like they act respectful of you and your body at all times?

Do you like showing them off? Are you proud to call them your person? Do you enjoy bringing them to family events? Do you enjoy posting pictures of them on social media? Do you enjoy introducing them to your friends and gushing over all of the sweet things they’ve done for you? Do you always include them and actively try to make them a part of your life?

Do you like the idea of creating a future with this person? Do you want to marry this person, even if they never changed their worst habits, even if they remained the exact same person as they are today? Do you honestly like them, without wanting to change a single thing about them? Are they willing to give you enough to make you happy? And are you willing to give them the same? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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