What Intangible Thing Each Zodiac Sign Wishes They Would Get From Santa

What Intangible Thing Each Zodiac Sign Wishes They Would Get From Santa This Year


Confidence. So you don’t always have to fake feeling good about yourself.


Self-acceptable. So you stop spending so much time doubting yourself.


Purpose. So you can choose a career that fits you and makes you feel fulfilled.


True love. So you can settle down and start creating a home for yourselves.

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Inner peace. So you stop feeling so angry and unsure all the time.


Trust. So you can finally open up to someone else and let down your walls.


Genuine happiness. So you stop trying to find joy in material items.


Self-love. So you stop looking for validation from others.


Comfort. So you stop moving from place to place, not knowing where you belong.


Deeper knowledge. So you finally feel as smart as you try to convince everyone else you are.


Confidence. So you stop comparing yourself to everyone else you see on social media.


True friendships. So you stop feeling so alone and isolated. TC mark

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