Holiday Gifts To Get Your Partner Based On Their Love Language

Holiday Gifts To Get Your Partner Based On Their Love Language

Every person is different. The presents you want might not be the same types of presents your partner is hoping to receive. If you’re still searching for the perfect gift to give them this holiday season, consider picking up something from this list which divides gift ideas based on a person’s love language:

Quality Time

Get them one of the newest gaming systems, so you can spend time playing together.

Sign yourselves up for virtual cooking lessons so you can make something in your kitchen together each week.

Buy them a yearly subscription to Disney Plus or Amazon Prime or some other streaming service so you can watch movies together.

Buy painting supplies so you can spend a date night creating art together.

Plan a vacation (or a staycation) together, so you have plenty of time to bond.

Words of Affirmation

Buy them a creative, personalized book that lists off all the things you love about them.

Surprise them with a chalkboard or magnetic whiteboard to place on the fridge, so you can write little love notes to each other throughout the week.

Make them a teddy bear that has a voice chip inside it, telling them how much you love and adore them.

Put together a collage of photographs from your relationship with little comments about what you remember from that day and how much fun you had with them.

Buy a personalized wallet card they can carry around with them that tells them how much they mean to you.

Acts of Service

Create a coupon book they can use to receive back massages, a homemade meal, and help with the dishes.

Surprise them on Christmas morning with breakfast in bed. (Or, even better, a clean house!)

Buy them a gift certificate for a spa so they can get a manicure, pedicure, and a massage.

Buy them a coffee machine that automatically brews each morning so they don’t have to do it themselves.

Buy them a Roomba that will automatically clean the floors and give them one less chore to complete.

Physical Touch

Buy massage oils so you can give them a proper, professional massage at home.

Buy them toys to use in the bedroom to enhance their pleasure.

Purchase an adult board game that encourages you to go outside of your comfort zones.

Buy a big, comfortable blanket that you can throw over yourselves while cuddling on the couch.

Give them a funny bell to ring when they want attention or when they’re in the mood.

Receiving Gifts

Buy them a personalized piece of jewelry (earrings or a bracelet or a necklace) that contains their birthstone.

Buy them a signed copy of a book by one of their favorite authors.

Name a star after them and then hand them the certificate. You could also pair a telescope with this gift!

Put one of your favorite photos from your relationship in a frame so they can hang it on their wall.

Surprise them with flowers, chocolates, or their favorite dessert. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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