A Christmas Playlist For When You're Sick Of The Same Old Songs Every Year

A Christmas Playlist For When You’re Sick Of Hearing The Same Old Songs Every Year

You’ve heard the same exact holiday songs every single year since you were a child. Although they’re classics and are going to give you sweet nostalgia, they can get old quickly. They can make you feel more like a grinch than anything else. If you’re sick of listening to the same songs your grandparents once played for you, here are a few more modern tunes to get you in the holiday spirit this year:

1. It’s Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries by Carly Rae Jepsen

Best lyrics:

“My boyfriend is a vegan so they fed him fish
My uncle made it worse by talking politics
I had a few opinions, might have started a fight
Well, it’s not Christmas ’til somebody cries.”

2. Oh Santa! by Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Hudson

Best lyrics:

“I’ve been really, really, really good this year
So put on that red suit and make him appear
Make this Christmas cheer
Just ain’t the same without my baby.”

3. Like It’s Christmas by The Jonas Brothers

Best lyrics:

“And I don’t wanna miss a single thing
Don’t wanna put end to all this cheer
But as long as you’re with me
It’s always the time of the year.”

4. You Make It Feel Like Christmas by Gwen Stafani and Blake Shelton

Best lyrics:

“Thought I was done for, thought that love had died
But you came along, I swear you saved my life
And I wanna thank you, baby
‘Cause you make it feel like Christmas.”

5. Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande

Best lyrics:

“Don’t make me fall in love again
If he won’t be here next year
Santa, tell me if he really cares
‘Cause I can’t give it all away
If he won’t be here next year.”

6. Underneath The Tree by Kelly Clarkson

Best lyrics:

“Presents, what a beautiful sight
Don’t mean a thing if you ain’t holding me tight
You’re all that I need
Underneath the tree.”

7. Cozy Little Christmas by Katy Perry

Best lyrics:

“Our love is something priceless
I don’t need diamonds, no sparkly things
‘Cause you can’t buy this a-feeling
Nothing lights my fire or wraps me up, baby, like you do
Just want a cozy, a cozy little Christmas here with you.”

8. Candy Cane Lane by Sia

Best lyrics:

“Take a trip down Candy Cane Lane with me
I’ll call Rudolph down to meet us in the street
We can dance, he can prance
There’s no can’t’s, ’cause here, everything is possible.”

9. One More Sleep by Leona Lewis

Best lyrics:

“I’ve got 5 more nights of sleeping on my own
4 more days until you’re coming home
3 more dreams of you and mistletoe
2 more reasons why I love you so
I’ve got 5 more nights until you’re next to me
4 more days of being lonely
3 more wishes I can barely breathe
If I can make it to Christmas Eve.”

10. I Am the Grinch by Tyler, The Creator

Best lyrics:

“I don’t like love
I don’t like fun
When I’m around
Christmas is done.”

11. Mistletoe by Justin Bieber

Best lyrics:

“I don’t wanna miss out on the holiday
But I can’t stop staring at your face
I should be playing in the winter snow
But I’mma be under the mistletoe.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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