29 Cozy Winter Dates To Go On When You're Stuck Indoors

29 Cozy Winter Dates To Go On When You’re Stuck Indoors

1. Take personality tests. You can learn your love language or learn something silly, like what kind of Disney princess you are.

2. Hold your very own beer tasting. Pick up a few brands you’ve never tried before and make a night out of taste testing them.

3. Sign up for an online cooking class and whip up something yummy in your own kitchen.

4. Watch a virtual theater performance. Or YouTube videos that have a holiday theme.

5. Hop in your car and drive through the neighborhood so you can look at the lights and other outdoor decorations. You could even decorate your own yard!

6. Make homemade dog treats in the shape of snowmen and snowflakes. Then record your pup eating them!

7. Watch a hockey game on television and take bets on who is going to win.

8. Take turns reading a steamy romance novel out loud — and act out whatever scenes you wish.

9. Have an indoor picnic (with a homemade cheeseboard!). Spread a blanket across the floor and then dig in.

10. Go online holiday shopping together. Sit side-by-side and scroll through different websites to find gifts for your family and friends.

11. Dig up old home videos from past holidays and watch them together so they can see how your family has grown and changed.

12. Get dressed up in your fanciest clothes, put on holiday music, and dance around the house together. Pretend you’re at a holiday party, even though it’s only the two of you.

13. Have a board game tournament. The loser gets smacked with a snowball.

14. Build a fort in the middle of your room and then make out inside of it.

15. Bake cookies together and then compete to see who can decorate them in the cutest way.

16. Put on your favorite holiday movies and make a drinking game out of them.

17. Scribble down a list of dates you want to go on during the new year and see which ideas overlap.

18. Create smores over your own stove.

19. Sign up for a virtual paint nite with a holiday theme!

20. Instead of waiting until nighttime to do something fun, cook breakfast together and eat in bed!

21. When it snows, run into your backyard to build a snowman together. Don’t be afraid to act like little kids!

22. Exercise together inside your own home. Try watching some YouTube videos and see if you can keep up.

23. Build a gingerbread house together. Then compete to see who can take the most Instagram-worthy photos of their masterpiece.

24. Create your own photobooth. Print out some props to use, throw up a blanket or towel to use as a background, and start snapping pictures.

25. Put together a puzzle that has a winter theme. Time yourselves to see how quickly you can complete it.

26. Buy movie theater snacks and then sit down to watch a comedy special or a taped concert.

27. Make hot chocolate — or your own cocktails. Then do a taste test together.

28. Bake something from scratch, whether it’s bread, pizza, or pretzels.

29. Simply light some candles and have a romantic dinner without any electronics in the room. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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