What Each Zodiac Sign Will Accomplish In November 2020

What Each Zodiac Sign Will Accomplish In November 2020


You will put as much energy as you can muster into your work, which is impressive under the circumstances.


You will set aside time for your family and friends — even if you only get to talk to them over a phone call.


Against all odds, you will act as an optimist and expect better things to come to you and your family.


You will finally put more effort into self-care and being there for yourself.

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You will try your best to make this world a better place — whether it’s through voting or doing daily acts of kindness.


You will read more and learn more because you want to keep yourself educated.


You will dedicate as much time as you can to your person, so they feel special and loved.


You will take better care of your mental and physical health and treat your body better.


You will be more honest about your feelings and stop holding everything inside until you explode.


You will take some well-deserved time off to regain some of your lost energy.


You will reprioritize your to-do list so you’re putting the most effort into the things that actually matter.


You will survive. Sometimes, that is more than enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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