What Each Zodiac Wants During Sex

What Each Zodiac Wants During Sex


They want to take the lead. They want to act as the dominant one. They want to do things their way.


They want to form an emotional connection. They want to maintain eye contact. They want to feel like the act means something.


They want to be kept on their toes. They want the sex to be unpredictable. They don’t want to do the same things twice.


They want to sit back and relax. They want their partner to do the work. They want their partner to make the decisions.

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They want to feel hot. They want to be told how sexy they look. They want to be treated like a queen.


They want to move slowly. They want plenty of foreplay. They want the moment to last instead of rushing through it.


They want to hear their partner dirty talk. They want to hear their partner moan. They want to talk as much as they touch.


They want to be on top. They want to give oral. They want to please their partner.


They want to wear lingerie. They want to use toys. They want to spice things up.


They want to receive as much as they give. They want their work to be reciprocated. They want to finish, too.


They want to be on the bottom. They want to let their partner take the lead. They want to relax and enjoy the moment.


They want to try new things. They want to explore their kinks. They want their partner to stay open-minded. TC mark

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