7 Things Girls Expect Over Text

7 Things Girls Expect Over Text

1. Girls want good morning messages. Girls want to know that they’re on your mind all the time. They want to feel spoiled from the first second they wake up in the morning until their head hits the pillow at night. Sending them good morning messages (and good night messages) is the best way to show you care from afar. Your text doesn’t have to say anything special. Something short and sweet works perfectly fine because it’s the thought that counts.

2. Girls want to have actual conversations. If the only reasons you’re texting her are to sext, trade photos, and ask her whether she’s busy later that night, then she’s going to get annoyed with you. She wants to know how you’re doing. She wants to have an actual conversation. She wants you to talk to her the same way you would talk if you were sitting face-to-face. She doesn’t want days to go by without hearing from you — until you need her for something. That will make her feel like she’s being used, like you only want her around for sex.

3. Girls want proof you’re paying attention. They want you to put an equal amount of effort into texting. If she’s sending three paragraphs about her day and you reply with a one-word answer, then she’s not going to be pleased. She wants you to comment on what she’s saying, ask her questions, and bring up what happened during your day. If it feels like she’s carrying the entire conversation, she is going to stop texting. She’s going to wonder why you’re bothering to text her at all.

4. Girls want you to send cute pictures. She doesn’t want to be the only one sending cute selfies throughout the day. She wants pictures of you to save, too. Or pictures of your dog. Or your apartment. Or what you’re eating. Anything. It’ll make her feel like you’re really letting her into your life.

5. Girls want you to talk about how much you miss them. Talking to them over text shouldn’t be enough for you. She wants you to set up plans to see her in person. She wants to know that you miss her. She wants to know that you’re interested in something more than flirting over text. She doesn’t want to text back and forth for months without the relationship going anywhere — and she hopes you feel the same. She hopes you want something real.

6. Girls want you to put effort into your textsYou don’t have to spend an hour trying to figure out what you want to say — but you shouldn’t send texts littered with typos either. She shouldn’t have to wonder what you were trying to say because it’s impossible to make sense of your words. You should care enough to pay attention to what you’re doing. Otherwise, she’s going to feel like an afterthought.

7. Girls want you to call, too. Texting is great, but she wants to listen to your voice. She wants to hear your laugh. She wants to feel like you’re right there with her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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