30 Men On The Hottest Thing A Woman Has Said Or Done During Sex

30 Men On The Hottest Thing A Woman Has Said Or Done During Sex

Men from Ask Reddit are here to talk about what turns them on.

1. After getting with the girl I was perusing for a few months, we finished and I was audibly panting and said, “I need to go the gym more often.” And she said without pause, “Or you could just fuck me more often?” I was a big turn-on to be wanted back the way I wanted her and that the feeling was mutual.

2. A girl I slept with once woke me up in the morning and immediately gave me a blowjob with a lot of eye contact. Still think about that years later.

3. A girl I worked with that I thought was way out of my league asked me at a work event: “If we fuck tonight, will it be awkward on Monday?”

We fucked. And I made it awkward on Monday. No regrets.

4. A few years ago I was baking with a friend. We were doing these mini chocolate truffles, so I pick one up to give to her. Instead of taking it, she eats it from my fingers, and as she does she sucks on my thumb for just a fraction of a second.

Instant boner. Thankfully I was wearing briefs, so it didn’t end up being awkward.

5. During sex, girl whispered in my ear, “Tell me when you’re going to cum… I need to taste you.

6. My fuck buddy and I were laying in bed for probably 15 mins after round 2. She starts sucking my dick again.

I tell her, “I don’t think I have another load in me”

She responds, almost flippantly, “I don’t care. I just like sucking your dick.”

Turns out I did have another load in me…

7. She was riding me on a pool chair in a closed cabana and I was moaning uncontrollably, so she leaned over, put a finger over my lips and shushed me. Apparently I was wayyyyy into that.

8. Picking up a girl from the airport who I had been talking to, she was visiting for the weekend. She was wearing a sundress, walked up to me, hugged me, and put her panties in my pocket that she had taken off in the airport bathroom.

9. “You can do whatever you want to me.” – Said right before my first time. It set the stage pretty well, considering how nervous I was.

10. When I’m on top and she wraps her legs around my waist and pulls me in closer.

11. At my wedding reception, talking with all my friends, just chilling and my new bride, very shy and quiet type, stood up and said in front of everyone, “Come on, husband, come take this dress off of me.” 15 years later and that’s still the best thing I’ve ever heard.

12. “You can cum inside me.”

13. After I threw up in my friend’s bathroom from having too much to drink, my then-fiancée thought she’d make me feel better by blowing me. And then we had sex right there on the bathroom floor. That was several years ago, and it remains the hottest, most intense sex we’ve had.

14. She kissed and lightly bit my neck. First time anyone had done that to me and it turned me on so much…

15. I used to work with a girl who was very socially awkward, but for some reason felt comfortable with me. Comfortable enough that she started flirting with me. One night the flirting turned to dirty talk. Next day, she comes in, and tells me she’s mad at me, and we can’t talk any more. Confused, I ask her why not, and she said, “Because of you, I walked around half the night last night with my panties wet.”

16. I had a really hot experience with a girlfriend. I made her climax almost fully clothed standing against a wall and afterward she lay on my bed exhausted and half zombified and she said, “You’ve just ruined sex for me.” That kind of praise is magical for a people pleaser such as myself.

17. I had an Australian girlfriend who sucked my dick for an hour and finally brought me to orgasm by flicking her eyelashes on my cock rim. I painted her face.

18. So, I was with my girlfriend at the time. I drove to a nice spot, when we reach there there’s an amazing sunset. Without saying anything she opens my zipper and begins giving me head. I couldn’t keep my eyes open with intense pleasure. I finished fast she swallowed my cum. Then she proceeds to put her head on my chest and enjoy the sunset.

19. A sex partner once told me we had to switch positions because my dick was too big. I’m pretty much on the average side, so yeah, that made me feel kinda special.

20. “I had to take a screenshot of this one picture of you at the beach, because your chest made me wet as fuck.” I have a big chest and had never realized it was an attractive thing for some women so yeah that motivated me pretty hard to hit it more often at the gym.

21. I once jokingly told a friend/crush of mine that she’d be more comfortable if she took off her tights… and underwear. She laughed me off.

A couple of hours later, when she was rolling out some cookie dough, I noticed she was still wearing her skirt, but she wasn’t wearing tights anymore!

I stood really close behind her, close enough that we were touching when she moved, chatting and watching her make cookies. She just pretended like nothing was happening.

No sex that night but very hot.

22. “Can I come over for a booty call after work? I really need to get fucked and then I will go home.”

23. An ex begging me to cum inside her while using her hips back into mine.

24. Might sound conceited and mundane, but during sex moaned my name with so much lust, pleasure, and hunger into my ear that my brain short-circuited.

25. A female friend and I were playing a drinking game and there came a dare where she had to take off one item of clothing and she just stripped down naked and sat next to me totally nude as if nothing happened. That self-esteem and the casualness behind it was so hot.

26. In a bookstore parking lot she puts a hand down my pants for the first time and says, “Oh my God, you’re HUGE!”

27. It’s a tie between wakeup birthday fellatio I didn’t even suggest, a girlfriend telling me she wants to use me to learn to deepthroat like the internet girls, and a girlfriend telling me she wants to try anal without me suggesting it because I didn’t think she was the type.

28. Making out and fooling around with my ex, I quietly asked what she would like more than anything.

She stopped, pulled her head back, looked me dead in the eyes, and in the most no-bullshit, serious voice goes, “I want you to fuck me.”

29. A girl told me she liked my shirt so I pretty much wore it every time I was in that social situation for the next 9 years until my new partner said it was too young for me and replaced it.

30. “Holy shit your eyes are beautiful” – said in the midst of my sentence while we were chilling in the sea. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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