What Your Birth Order Says About The Way You Text

What Your Birth Order Says About The Way You Text

Only Child

You are a horrible texter. You always forget to answer. You’ll read a message, think up a clever reply in your head, and then completely forget to respond. Sometimes, you will go weeks without speaking to your friends without realizing you’ve been acting distant. You’re used to being on your own, so you don’t feel the need to check in with others every few hours. You’re okay with living life on your own. You can go months without seeing someone who matters to you and it won’t bother you in the least. But it might bother them.

Oldest Child

You really only text when you have a question to ask someone. Otherwise, you’ll wait to tell the other person your stories when you see them face-to-face — or you will keep the information to yourself. You don’t understand why people blurt out exactly what they are thinking without stopping to think through the consequences. You like to keep your private thoughts a secret. You don’t let anyone into your world willy nilly. You refuse to wear your heart on your sleeve, whether you are looking someone in the eyes or speaking to them over screens.

Middle Child

You’re the expert at keeping a conversation going. You never say goodbye first. You never let the conversation fade away. When a certain topic starts to feel stale, you always come up with a new idea to keep it moving. Even if you fall asleep, you’ll continue where you left off the next morning. You never run out of things to talk about because there is so much on your mind. You have a lot of stories to tell, a lot of jokes to make, and a lot of learning to do, which is why you love socializing. Plus, you can’t stand being alone. You hate feeling isolated. You’re always texting because you don’t want to be by yourself.

Youngest Child

You send large blocks of texts that can take forever to read. Even when someone replies with a one-word answer, you will give them access to every single thought that is running through your mind. You won’t leave anything out because you aren’t the type to keep your opinion to yourself. Sometimes, you even prefer to use voice messages over texting because then you can ramble for as long as you would like without being interrupted. Honestly, you don’t mind one-sided conversations as long as the other person is listening.


You send texts that are short and sweet because you assume the other person will understand what you’re saying. You assume they will understand your tone, so you don’t shy away from being sarcastic. Sometimes, this can get you in trouble. The people you’re texting might misinterpret what you’re trying to say. It doesn’t help that you love to use emojis, which could be interpreted in a million different ways. While you’re fun to text, you’re also the expert at sending mixed signals. After speaking with you, someone won’t know whether you’re interested in dating or whether you can’t stand their guts. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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