X Things You Shouldn't Be Embarrassed About Doing In Your Twenties

30 Things You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed About Doing In Your Twenties

A few people from Ask Reddit share what they used to be embarrassed about doing — but aren’t anymore!

1. Saying how you feel.

2. Unwrapping a tampon in a public bathroom.

3. Going out for a meal on your own.

4. Saying no. Being unapologetic.

5. Embracing pink.

6. Going out not caring what you look like/what you’re wearing.

7. Buying condoms.

8. Telling the truth.

9. Asking for help.

10. Going out without makeup.

11. Farting in front of your SO.

12. Dancing!

13. Painting/drawing and then sharing it with strangers.

14. Just staring into space instead of looking at your phone.

15. Calling other adults for adult reasons.

16. Having sex and being open about what you want with a partner in bed.

17. Telling your friends that you love them.

18. Not wearing a bra when you leave the house.

19. Admitting to not knowing something.

20. Standing up for yourself.

21. Masturbating.

22. Dropping a duce in a public bathroom.

23. Embracing the power of the pause. When asking someone a question, allow the silent pause after the question to build tension that compels them to answer. The longer the silence, the more compelling the tension the more effective to get someone talking.

24. Emailing your professors when you have questions.

25. Wearing your hair naturally. In public.

26. Going to the cinema alone.

27. Looking people in the eye when speaking to them.

28. Wearing a dress.

29. Singing out loud.

30. Being yourself. Embracing your craziness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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