Where Each Zodiac Sign Looks For Comfort

Where Each Zodiac Sign Looks For Comfort


You find comfort in nature because it reminds you there is something bigger than yourself.


You find comfort in traditional meals that your parents used to cook for you.


You find comfort in rewatching familiar TV shows with characters who feel like family.


You find comfort in family members and friends who are going to hold you while you cry.

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You find comfort in escapist books that will let you get away for a little while.


You find comfort in working hard because it’s one thing entirely within your control.


You find comfort in your favorite dress, hoodie, or blanket because the first step in taking care of your mental health is taking care of your physical health.


You find comfort in your bed because it’s the one place where you feel completely safe.


You find comfort in sex because genuine human connection is what keeps you going.


You find comfort in the fact you’re not alone and thousands of other people are experiencing the same thing as you.


You find comfort in music that puts the way you’re feeling into words — or a melody.


You find comfort in your happy memories and your hope that there will be more up ahead. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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