30 Women On What Surprised Them The Most The First Time They Saw A Penis

30 Women On What Surprised Them The Most The First Time They Saw A Penis

These women from Ask Reddit were surprised the first time they saw a man naked.

1. I thought balls had two different sacks.

2. What surprised me most is that a man can be horny without being hard, or can be hard without being horny. Most of the time it’s in sync, but sometimes the state of the cock does not represent the state of the owner.

3. Balls hang at different levels. I’m still not over that.

4. The first time I saw a dick I honestly thought: No way will that fit inside me. It wasn’t huge. I just was very naive about the pounding my vaj can handle.

5. The first time I ever gave a handjob to completion I was so surprised when semen came shooting out everywhere. I asked him if that was supposed to happen and he laughed and said yes. I just remember being so shocked at how much of it there was and how sticky. Never realized sexual acts required “cleanup.”

6. BALL SKIN IS CONSTANTLY MOVING. Surreal. It’s like a moving Magic Eye painting.

7. The skin is SO SOFT. Such a pleasure to hold one!

8. I had a very incomplete sex education, so I was surprised to see that the balls were underneath the penis, not on top at the base.

9. The veins!

10. How hard they actually get.

11. It had ribs. I was confused as hell, it really felt like there were bones in there. Only later did I realize that it was the condoms we used that had those structures on it. Took a while for me to get used to the fact that dicks usually don’t have ribs…

12. Saw a “grower, not a show-er” and was super impressed by the size when erect compared to flaccid.

13. I thought it would be slimy for some reason so I was pleasantly surprised. I was very young.

14. How goofy it looks when flaccid. Like it’s just this weird stretchy knob hanging out between your legs, how can that not feel weird when you walk? How do you walk and not squish everything between your thighs with every step?? Still blows my mind a little when I stop to think about it.

15. That it sort of floated in a bath. I didn’t expect that.

16. The way the skin is slack and slides up and down the shaft and this is what you’re supposed to do when giving a handy shandy. I always thought that you were supposed to run your hand over the skin and the friction between the penis and your hand was what pleasured the guy. I now imagine that would be quite painful!

17. They’re so flippy floppy when they’re flaccid. I actually think I like them better that way; less… overbearing. But I admit they’re not as useful.

18. It can jump on its own.

19. The fact that I actually liked the way it looked, and still find them aesthetically pleasing. I hear a lot of people talk about how ugly genitals are, and when you’re a teenager and first start exploring sex, there were so many of my friends that said penises are ugly. I just kind of believed them (lived in a very Catholic household so I didn’t watch porn), but when I first saw and touched one, I was just startled by how much I liked the way it looked.

20. I didn’t know they could get hard to the point of being painful.

21. It’s bizarre to me that dudes pee and cum out of the same hole. Get on my level. One hole for each function.

22. The taste. Not of cum, but the actual penis. I don’t know what I was expecting but I didn’t expect it to be so normal??

23. The dude can flex the head of his penis when it’s hard and I literally watched it just like, expand, and I freaked out. It looks like a pupil dilating but a penis.

24. That the hair can actually grow on base of the penis itself and not solely around it.

25. The slit.

26. That the ballsack contracts (?) during sex and get firmer somehow.

27. The difference between foreskin from man to man. Some have foreskin that covers the head almost even if it is fully erect and some have foreskin that barely covers even if not erect.

28. A light nibble on the ear is hot, that same nibble on a penis is NOT.

29. I didn’t realize it was okay to change the orientation of a dick before. I thought it was rock solid and stayed in place.

30. When he made it move all by itself it blew my mind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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