30 Men Share Their Honest Feelings About Their Penis

30 Men Share Their Honest Feelings About Their Penis Size

Women aren’t the only ones who struggle with their appearance. Here is what a few guys from Ask Reddit have to say about their penises.

1. The only other penises I’ve seen were porn stars’, so I have no idea if mine is big or small.

2. I’m the definition of ‘grower, not a shower’. It’s a great dick when I’m hard, good size and curved just the right way, but it’s so damn small when in flaccid to the point that I’m too embarrassed to even show my partner of three years. It’s a weird mindset.

3. I’m uncircumcised and at first I felt weird when I found out it wasn’t the norm in the U.S. Then when I got to college and had a lot more sexual experiences I felt a lot better about it because I never had a girl complain about it, but I mean honestly it just looks like any regular penis when hard. Now, I’m actually glad my parents didn’t have me circumcised and I’m very happy with it.

4. About the same as I feel about my bachelor’s degree. Sure I think it’s better than not having one, but it doesn’t really matter since I’m never going to get to use it.

5. Pretty good. I used to struggle with it when I was younger because I had an unrealistic expectation of what was “normal” thanks to porn and every other guy I knew lying about how big they were if it ever came up. Now, I have a much more positive view of myself overall.

6. I learned there is 3 inches of penis hidden inside males. How do you think I felt when I learned I have more penis inside than out?

7. I’ve never had any complaints about it and have, in fact, on multiple occasions, been told that it is perfectly proportioned without being too big or too small with adequate girth. “Boyfriend penis” I believe is the term. Despite this, however, society has conditioned me to want an absolute knee slapper and I will not be satisfied until I achieve this

8. I like mine, in general. Looks pretty decent, straight, no horrendous abnormalities. I’m a “grower not a shower” which I’d definitely change if I could. During the winter and after a cup of coffee it basically looks like an acorn, but you have to live with what you have!

9. Big enough to please, small enough that it doesn’t often touch toilet water. I’m good with it.

10. I am completely content with it. It’s not the biggest by any means, but my wife loves it, and it work well. No complaints.

11. Porn always makes you feel like you have a small penis until you see the real statistics. I thought mine was pretty average until I saw real data, then I realized it could be even considered large. Pretty much the perfect size to most girls (according to studies). Maybe I’d like it thicker, but in general pretty satisfied.

12. Below average, but I think it looks sexy anyway.

13. Could be bigger.

14. It’s the one constant in my life. Except when I’m stressed or on Adderall, then the piece of shit wants to ghost me.

15. I like that it lets me pee standing up. Makes it easier outside. But it also has the option to sit down and have a 30 minute piss while looking at memes.

16. Some days it feels big, some days it feels small.

17. It’s fun but annoying. Like a cat or puppy kinda. Sure. My puppy might be bigger than some others or smaller than a few. But it’s my own. And though it can be really fun to play with it or even let others play with it, it can still make a mess when it’s not suppose to and will often appear and want attention when I’m busy and trying to focus on what I’m doing.

18. I’m ashamed of the terrible things it makes me do.

19. Great college career. Now enjoys retirement with the occasional freelance work provided by my wife.

20. I was blessed with a good size. I still need those words of encouragement, but I feel it’s better than average.

21. It has served me (and others) well….

22. It’s annoying because I constantly think people notice the fucking bulge.

23. Above average but has no interesting bends or twists. We’re both white bread.

24. It’s ok size wise but it’s wrinkly and a little misshapen. I would feel extremely self conscious showing it to anyone.

25. Upper end of average, but Asian stereotypes screw me over. Hockey injury as a teen gave it a nice curve that’s given vaginal orgasms to every partner but one, with most swearing it’s impossible previous to that. All in all, not bad at all once the clothes come off, but the real challenge is getting to that point thanks to preconceived notions.

26. Wish I hadn’t been circumcised but otherwise it’s fine.

27. I think I’m a handsome dude, except for my dick.

28. It’s created my two kids, so, grateful.

29. Big enough to not bother me. Not big enough to bother me.

30. It does its job. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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