26 Situations That Can Cause Strong Sexual Tension 

26 Situations That Can Cause Strong Sexual Tension 

Ask Reddit knows most situations aren’t as innocent as they seem.

1. Driving attractive co-workers home. Something about the definite “I should not find you attractive or act on it” really makes you find them attractive and want to act on it.

2. When you pause an online/text convo with someone who says, “Taking a shower, brb” and then – yep, automatically imagine them naked.

3. For me, eye contact with strangers for 10+ seconds. Not sure if they feel the same but it gets me a lil flustered.

4. The cashier being the same age as you.

5. Physical Therapy. PTs are always super hot for some reason and they are throwing you around like it’s nothing.

6. When you’re in a group outing, and you are left alone with someone of the opposite sex.

7. Stuck in an overcrowded elevator with the opposite gender face to face.

8. Some tattoo sessions. Met my girlfriend like this, she did a blade runner tattoo on my hip.

9. Pulling up at the traffic lights next to someone your age, of the opposite sex.

10. When a person is looking at the same bookshelf as you in a bookstore.

11. Getting a massage.

12. When someone you find attractive has to sit on your lap during a car ride. (Applies to the person sitting on you too).

13. Sleepovers.

14. Cleaning up with someone after a get together. It has that really strong, “No one’s gonna know” energy.

15. Honestly? I find arguing creates sexual tension sometimes.

16. Prolonged hugs with select friends has a certain kind of sexual catharsis to it.

17. Sitting beside someone on transit and your thighs touch unintentionally.

18. Eye contact with the only other person at a party that’s the same age as you (as a teenager)

19. Seeing someone your age in an airport.

20. Playing Twister.

21. When a hairdresser washes your hair.

22. Watching a sex scene with someone.

23. Truth or dare. My friends, knowing that we are playing with my crush, want to ask stupid questions. Like: “Kiss crush’s name!”

24. Suit fitting. This amazingly good looking lady was measuring me, and I had to think about sad stuff when she went to measure my waist and thighs. She was kneeling in front of me with her face right there… Very awkward. Luckily nothing happened.

25. A lot of kitchen work in restaurants. The spaces are designed as small as possible to maximize the seating in the dining room, so you are always working in tight quarters. The whole day is just from Fight Club: “A question of etiquette, as I pass do I give you the ass or the crotch?”.

26. When the ride operator checks your belt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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