22 Sex Workers Reveal What Their Partners Think Of Their Career

22 Sex Workers Reveal What Their Partners Think Of Their Career

Ask Reddit knows you can have a healthy relationship as long as your partner is on the same page as you.

1. Escort here. My boyfriend of 6 years knows and he is the one who corresponds with the guys and sets everything up. He thinks it’s hot.

2. I dated a sex worker before. I would drive her to her appointments sometimes so she felt safer and had an escape if needed. One of the times I literally just chilled under a tree near the guy’s apartment reading a book.

3. I used to do cam shows in my last relationship, I just think it’s fun to be watched really. Since I wasn’t out actually having sex with folks my boyfriend never minded. He even encouraged me because he thought it was hot. I only ever had one or two people I know IRL watch my streams, and they never brought it up again and we’re cool as far as that goes. Actually having sex/doing sexual acts with another person might have been a different story, though.

4. Not me, but my friend’s mother was a dominatrix. His dad was A-ok with it since it was extra income. He just went to another room when a client came over.

5. My ex-girlfriend did some sex work — not a lot, but she had 1-2 regular clients and a boyfriend. She was awesome about it and made sure I knew on the first day I kissed her, so that I wouldn’t get involved without knowing. I was fine with it, and after that first conversation, it was never an issue again. We were together for about a year.

6. Not me, but very close with a dominatrix with a fiance. They talked a lot about it ahead of time, she includes him in scene life, and they share a philosophy about sex work. It’s all about that intra-relationship convo.

7. I have got a fantastic fiance who completely supports me, my sex work is all online but for our relationship, it’s mainly about keeping everything really open and honest. We don’t have secrets between us so this isn’t anything different, and I know if he had a problem with anything we would be able to communicate about it. Also, he’s my personal photographer!

8. I have done sex work, had and have a sugar daddy, and other intimate things. My partner needs to know or I couldn’t do it at all since we have children and they need to be looked after. He is both excited by and disinterested depending on the mood.

9. I worked when I was single. I didn’t when I wasn’t. I needed to actually focus on my clients to ensure they would return and tip well. Even if my partner claimed he/she was cool with it, I wouldn’t be. I’d always feel like I was being unfaithful and loyalty is kinda my jam.

10. My partner and I are honest about everything and I often include him in the process. Ultimately, it’s just about having open communication.

11. I’ve been a fetish model for 8 years, I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6. I own my own production company and have been filming full time. He is the most supportive person I have by my side other than my daughter. She is currently writing a novel on how I get stigmatized and I could not be more proud of her. I make a very amazing income each year that has provided my family with MORE than I could have ever hoped and dreamed of. I have bought a condo, paid off my boyfriend’s student loans, and will be sending my daughter to college with the amazing gift this job has given me. I am working on my first independent horror movie and I could def not be here today if it wasn’t for my fetish modeling job.

12. My SO (32F) is an escort and we are getting married in 6 days, works fine. It’s a job like any other, I’m not around when she is working and never will be. Same way I wouldn’t expect her to come to my office, I don’t go to hers.

13. I have a very close friend that I’ve hooked up with once, and who used to be a dominatrix. Whoever else she was sexually active with (and for whatever reason she was) when we hooked up was not and is not important to me.

“How does that work?”

Don’t be a little bitch about it. Recognize that your sexual partners are allowed to have a life outside of you. It only becomes your business if they choose to make it your business, or if you are at risk of contracting an STD.

14. Does having an onlyfans count? Mine is nudes only, and my SO (21M) is extremely supportive. He hypes me and my looks up, gives me new ideas and offers to take pictures for me… At first I was a little put off by it like, “Why isn’t he more jealous?” Then I realized it’s unhealthy to romanticize toxic traits like possessiveness and jealousy. It makes me feel more secure that he’s so confident, and trusts me to stay faithful to him.

15. I’m a photographer who shoots mostly non-erotic artistic nudes and a lot of my models are sex workers. Their relationships seem as stable as those of everybody else.

16. I’ve dated a couple of sex workers and frankly ‘compersion’ (not cucking) is my kink. I love knowing a woman is into other people desiring (even “using”) her. It’s a silly narrative that I know most people won’t relate to but it can be hot to “reclaim” after we’ve both been out for a night.

17. I have an acquaintance who works in a dungeon. She was a sub and a switch but transitioned to being only a dom because her girlfriend didn’t like the bruises. But her girlfriend doesn’t mind her being a dominatrix because the dungeon she works at is safe, the pay is exceptional, the men are no threat to their relationship. And she was a sex worker when they met (when they met she was doing fetish porn.. ex foot porn, food porn, etc).

18. My coworker is dating a porn star and it doesn’t bother him. In fact, he is really happy and proud to be with her. And they are both very open about her work.

19. Former sugar baby here. I avoided serious relationships during that period of time. I made all my partners aware of the situation early. Some guys were cool with it, others weren’t.

20. We’re not monogamous. He films with me sometimes!

21. I mean, I’m technically a sex worker because I’m dealing with sex stuff for it but it’s really just a normal job kind of thing, it just so happens that what I’m writing is titillating to some people. My boyfriend knows, he’s not fully comfortable with it but he doesn’t complain and in return I don’t give him whatever I write to read.

22. The same way any other relationship works, with honest communication and mutual respect. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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