Why Each Zodiac Sign Hasn't Been Answering Your Texts

Why Each Zodiac Sign Hasn’t Been Answering Your Texts


They aren’t in the mood to socialize and pretend everything is fine when they’re falling apart.


They’ve been insanely busy and have barely had any time to themselves.


It honestly keeps slipping their mind because they’ve been so overwhelmed lately.

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They’re trying to keep to themselves, and focus on themselves, lately.


They have more important things to worry about than their phone.


They know the conversation is going to circle back to politics and don’t feel like getting into another argument.


They aren’t sure what to say to you. They aren’t sure what you want to hear.


They have been struggling to do the basics. Answering texts is a little too stressful right now.


They are worried you’re going to ask to hang out — and they aren’t interested since there’s a pandemic.


They’re trying to cut out everyone in their life who has hurt them.


They’re super forgetful lately. They aren’t trying to offend you.


They’ve been super stressed lately and haven’t had the time to reach out to others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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