What Each Zodiac Sign Regrets The Most When It Comes To Love

What Each Zodiac Sign Regrets The Most When It Comes To Love


You regret pretending someone meant nothing to you, when really, they meant the world.


You regret moving too slowly and missing a shot at love.


You regret leading someone on and breaking their heart.


You regret staying with someone who treated you horribly for way too long.

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You regret dating someone with great looks and no brain.


You regret waiting so long to let down your guard and admit how you’ve been feeling.


You regret staying in your comfort zone instead of trying to find love.


You regret spending too much time jumping from person to person instead of settling down.


You regret walking away from someone special without giving them a second chance.


You regret listening to your head over your heart.


You regret wearing your heart on your sleeve.


You regret not chasing after a certain someone when you had the chance. TC mark

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