What Each Zodiac Sign Does When They Only See You As A Friend

What Each Zodiac Sign Does When They Only See You As A Friend


They play matchmaker. They try to set you up with their other friends because you’d make such a cute couple. 


They refer to you as pal and point out how they picture you like a sister or brother. 


They tell you about their hookups in detail because they would never guess you’d be jealous.


They avoid hanging out with you one-on-one and only see you in groups.

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They don’t get annoyed when you mention a crush or flirt with someone in front of them.


They rarely touch you. They won’t even sit too close. They maintain their personal space.


They never send the first text because you don’t pop into their head throughout the day.


The compliments they give you sound exactly the same as the compliments they give everyone else.


They share their grossest stories with you because they don’t care about impressing you.


They confide in you about their actual crushes. They are blunt about the people they like.


They ask you for relationship advice and complain to you about their current partners.


They never put effort into their appearance when they’re seeing you alone. TC mark

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