What Each Zodiac Sign Loves The Most About Flirting

What Each Zodiac Sign Loves The Most About Flirting


You love knowing that you’ve turned someone on. You love knowing that someone finds you attractive.


You love knowing that you’ve found a new partner — or at the very least, a new friend.


You love the excitement of the chase.


You love the feeling of possibility. You love knowing this person could become your happily ever after.


You love getting the ego boost that comes along with all their compliments.


You love the challenge of trying to get the other person to ask you out on a date.


You love the moment when a complete stranger becomes so much more to you.


You love getting to know someone new. You love the discoveries you make along the way.


You love bragging to your friends about what happened later in the day.


You love the fun, back and forth banter that it takes wit to continue.


You love the butterfly feeling in your stomach. You love the feeling of puppy love.


You love the burst of confidence that you get when you realize someone thinks you’re pretty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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