7 Things Women Care About During Sex

7 Things Women Care About During Sex

1. Whether or not you’re reciprocating the amount of effort she’s been putting in. She wants to orgasm, too. She doesn’t want to be stuck doing all of the work while you reap all of the rewards. She wants sex to feel as passionate and exciting and fulfilling for her as it feels for you. It’s not fair for you to have the time of your life while she’s left unsatisfied. You should be giving as much as you’re receiving.

2. Whether or not you’re making her feel beautiful. She isn’t going to have a good time if she feels like she needs to suck in her stomach and turn the lights out and cover herself up. You should be giving her compliments, assuring her you like what you see, and making her feel beautiful. You should only have nice things to say about her body. You shouldn’t be pointing out her flaws and ways you wish she would change. If sleeping with you makes her feel horrible about herself, she won’t do it again.

3. Whether or not you’re being respectful of what she wants. If she says the word no, you shouldn’t be nagging her to change her mind or guilt tripping her into giving you what you want anyway. You should respect her choices. You should never, under any circumstances, make her feel pressured to do something that makes her uncomfortable. Either accept her decision or leave. Those are your only two options.

4. Whether or not you are practicing good hygiene. She probably doesn’t care about your penis size or whether you have a six pack. However, she does care about whether you keep yourself clean and smelling nice. If you expect her to spend hours shaving herself, then you can spend some time manscaping — or you can at least make sure to shower and soap up before you get naked with her.

5. Whether or not you’re focused on her. If you’re staring at the television or your phone or at the wall across the room, she’s not going to be happy. She wants your full attention. She wants to feel like you are turned on by her, like you can’t get enough of her. If you don’t seem interested, then she is going to lose interest as well.

6. Whether or not you’re using protection. She doesn’t want an STD. She doesn’t want a surprise pregnancy. She doesn’t want excuses about why you won’t wear a condom. She wants to have safe sex, not any sex. She won’t mind asking you to leave if you won’t do the basics.

7. Whether or not you are using her for sex. If you slip into your clothes and leave the second sex is over, she’s going to assume you only spent time with her because you thought you could get something out of the deal. She wants to cuddle. She wants to talk. She wants to feel like she holds value. If you only care about her body and don’t give a damn about her mind, she isn’t going to want anything to do with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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