X Men Reveal Their Opinion On Small Boobs 

26 Men Reveal Their REAL Opinion On Small Boobs 

These men from Ask Reddit have some surprisingly sweet opinions about boobs.

1. If a woman is going to show even the slightest amount of interest in me I legitimately do not care. To me it’s like comparing a red vs white sports car. I don’t care what color it is, it’s a sports car!

2. To quote a friend of mine, “There is no pair I would not want to see.” Boobs of every shape and size are still intriguing and serve the same purpose.

3. The best ones are the ones I get to hold. So no preference. All boobs are great boobs.

4. I’ll say the same thing I told a couple of my female friends if they were insecure about something.

All men have their preferences whether it’s big or small, fat or thin, redhead or blonde. But the best body type is always the body of the one we love. And if you ever get together with someone who doesn’t prefer your body then get the fuck out of there, he’s not worth your time.

5. A wise man once said… Boobs are like coke and Pepsi. We might state a preference, but we’ll take whatever is on tap.

6. They’re precious. Doesn’t hurt my girl’s back and when she goes braless, mwah!!

7. I have no issues if they are big or small. It’s who they are attached to that really matters.

8. Boobs are boobs, I don’t know how the fixation started with large ones. Sure, enormous funbags are eye catching, but once the clothes come off all boobs are soft, sexy, round and squeezable and just fun to be around.

9. Big breasts fill a mans hand, but small breasts fill a mans heart.

10. Boob size is kind of like penis size. There really isn’t much you can do about it without surgery and if you judge a person about something like that you’re probably an ass.

11. As long as they’re on a female adult, I’m fine with any. Or none. (Cancer victims need love too!)

Ya know, all the ladies I’ve been with that thought they had small breasts were the best lovers. It’s not the size that matters, it’s them that matters!

12. As long as there are nipples to play with I’m happy.

13. I don’t care about breasts. I just want love.

14. All breasts are great! If a man disagrees, he doesn’t deserve ’em.

15. Personally I like big boobs. I would never turn down a girl based on that, though. Body shaming has no place in a relationship. Small boobs are sexy as hell too!

16. We like all boobs.

17. Love them. I am a man who enjoys all varieties of shapes and sizes, though. Variety is the spice of life!

18. I’ll tell you something my best friend told me when we were both ludicrously drunk and high on a summer night in Brooklyn, when we had our whole lives ahead of each other:

“No matter what you look like, no matter what your flaws are, someone out there is masturbating to you.”

19. If I fall in love with a woman it won’t be because of the boobs. And once I fall in love, whatever I associate with her will become my favorite. It works every time.

Of course, there’s people I find more and less beautiful but it’s way more to do with hygiene, attitude, fashion, health, interests.

20. If I like you, and we start to get intimate, the size and proportions of your body have stopped mattering to me a long time ago. I like whatever body my partner has, not because of some preference, but because I like my partner.

21. Boobs are like beer. If they’re being offered to you, shut up and enjoy them.

22. Size, shape, and firmness are all fine qualities in a breast. The most important, however, is flavor.

23. Sexiest thing is always confidence.

24. Who cares? What that brain do tho? 😏

25. I don’t care about size as long as they’re somewhat sensitive. Half the fun for me in playing with them is my partner enjoying it, too.

26. I give this spiel when a girl complains about her boobs to me. (Which is pretty much every girl I’ve ever seen naked, btw. Y’all need to learn to love yourselves.)

Boobs are like pizza.

Big pizza? Great!

Small pizza? Great!

Irregularly shaped pizza? Great!

Pizza where one side is bigger than the other? Great!

Old Pizza? Great!

Pizza slice that droops? Great!

Pizza that stays up by itself? Great! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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