250+ Fun Facts That’ll Explain the Universe

The universe is full of mysteries that just can’t be explained. Still, these phenomenons help us understand that the universe is simply a mystery, and somehow, that makes sense to us. Events happen that somehow, in some way, relate to who we are and what we’re doing today.

With random facts about the mystery behind the Great Pyramid, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, and fun facts about Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney’s park, here are some interesting facts about the world that will explain the universe.

Some of these might be considered random fun facts that are fun enough to bring up at parties, and some might be more interesting and make you really think about the universe, Earth, and even the human brain. Even if things are explained, that doesn’t mean we can completely make sense of it…

  1. There’s a theory called “eternal inflation”, which is the idea that we live in a multiverse, in which the universe we live in is one of the trillions. Think about it: we’re on a planet, in a galaxy, in a universe.
  2. The human brain is the most complicated thing we have yet discovered. fun facts
  3. The Sahara Desert covers roughly 3.6 million square miles.


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