The Best Bathroom Sinks You Should Buy For A Tiny House

When it comes to building your tiny house bathroom, choosing each appliance carefully is key. There is perhaps no room in a tiny home that is smaller than the bathroom, and that’s an important element to consider.

No matter where you live, your bathroom is a room you utilize in many different ways each day. Aside from the obvious, your bathroom is where you will prepare for the day, or unwind after a long one. It is also a space that guests are pretty much always guaranteed to use, so it’s one that you want to be as functional, and pleasant, as possible.

There are many different ways to get creative when it comes to building your tiny house bathroom, including versatile toilets, shower, and toilet combinations, and just generally arranging things in such a way that nothing feels too cramped.

However, when choosing your bathroom sink, you aren’t going to simply be adding one to a preexisting vanity, nor will you likely have the ample countertop space than a traditional bathroom does. 

Is a tiny house bathroom sink different than a regular sink?

In short yes, and very much so. A tiny house bathroom sink is — you guessed it — one of the tiniest fixtures in the home. This is because a lot of the washing and cleansing that would typically happen there can either be done in the shower or at the kitchen sink. Therefore, this sink is largely there just to wash your hands in, or potentially dampen a cloth or towel to wash your face. Therefore, the sink needs to be as compact and functional as possible.

What types of sinks should I avoid?

For a tiny home, you want to avoid any sinks that take up any more space than necessary. Yes, this probably also includes ones that come with vanities or storage underneath. In the case of a tiny home, you will likely need to find another space for toiletries (perhaps shelving units, or cabinets built into the wall) so you can focus solely on the basin and faucet. 

Types of sinks you should avoid:

  • Pedestal sinks, as the base will likely take up more space than is ideal, and can also cause design challenges for the rest of the room. 
  • Trough sinks, given their size. 
  • Typical vanity sinks, as they are often too wide to accommodate a tiny home.
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What sinks are good to use?

The primary feature that you’re looking for when you choose a tiny house bathroom sink is one that is independent of vanity, and can potentially even be installed either in a small corner or on the wall itself so that you don’t have to utilize any extra items. 

Undermount sinks, wall mounts, vessel sinks, and drop-in sinks are all great options, given that they’ll provide a degree of flexibility for the setup and design. A tiny home bathroom typically comes with limited countertop and vanity choices, but that gives you all the more opportunity to get creative.

Our Favorite Tiny House Bathroom Sinks

KOHLER K-2209-96 Caxton Undercounter Bathroom Sink, Biscuit

Install this Caxton undercounter lavatory beneath solid-surface countertops to combine the look of an integral basin with the benefits of durable vitreous china. Available in a palette of KOHLER colors, Caxton lavatories complement both traditional and contemporary décor.

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This undermount sink is on the small side but still requires that you install it into a countertop. This means that you will still need room for that, but you can always choose one that’s on the smaller side. The wide, oval basin also gives you more room to move your hands while you wash or clean, which is a nice feature to have. 

Kichae 16"x12" Vessel Sink - Modern Bathroom Rectangle Above Counter White Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Vanity Sink Art Basin

Durable, smooth, non-porous and polished surface is resistant to bacterial growth and low water absorption for more easily to clean and maintain.

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This sleek and stylish above vessel sink is the perfect addition to your minimalist tiny house bathroom. The rectangular design is very mod and the deep bowl allows for more counter space. This sink comes in a variety of different finishes, meaning you can coordinate with your design, and it gives a very classic and clean overall appearance to your bathroom as well. 

Kraus Elavo Bathroom Semi-Recessed Ceramic Sink, White KCR-281

The new series of bathroom sinks from Kraus offers a fresh take on classic white ceramic. The square shape of this sink complements a range of decor styles, from traditional to contemporary. The smooth, non-porous surface is naturally hygienic and durable, with a premium baked-on glaze for an easy-to-clean high-gloss finish.

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This small sink will satisfy your design needs as well as your spatial ones. This tiny basin does need to be installed on top of a counter, which makes it ideal for construction, given that you do not need to build a vanity around it. You can also still get that high end, luxurious appearance that many traditional homes have. 

eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo 16” for Small Space MDF Paint Modern Design White Wall Mounted Cabinet Set, White Resin Basin Sink Top, Chrome Faucet W/Flexible U Shape Drain B10W

MDF Eco-Friendly material used to make vanity more durable and sturdy; 15mm thickness, 720kg/CBM MDF, smooth paint surface, stone powde & resin sink, easy to clean and wear-resistance.

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This console bathroom sink comes with a stand, but is small enough to fit into your tiny space as well. 

Bathroom Vessel Sink with Faucet Mounting Ring and Pop Up Drain 16.5" Round Bowl Basin,Brown

Slick touch texture gives comfortable sensation; artificial hand-painted pattern let the beauty of your new bathroom vanity shine through, glossy surface is easy to clean up; material: tempered glass, round shape.

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If you’re looking to add a touch of individuality to your bathroom, this sink is the perfect option. The single bowl vessel comes with a unique stone-like finish and is installed on top of the counter for a modern look. 

Scarabeo 5002-One Hole Teorema Rectangular Ceramic Wall Mounted/Vessel Sink, White

Nameek's is a leading designer, developer, and marketer of innovative home products. In cooperation with top European manufacturers, our choice of designs has become extremely diversified. All of our products are imported from the finest European manufacturers.

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This rectangular wall-mount sink has the benefit of being very narrow, meaning that you’ll maximize the amount of space in front of you. Despite this, it is also pretty wide, which ensures that you’ll still have enough room to do what you need to.

13 inch Small Bathroom Cabinet with Sink Combo,13 inch Black Bathroom Vanity with Tempered Glass Sink(Clear Round),Solid Brass Chrome Faucet and Drain Parts,Mounting Ring

Bathroom vanity organizer & glass vessel sink combo(clear round). Moisture-proof and eco-friendly board. Need to be Self-Assemble, has 3 height adjustable shelf.

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Lastly, this clear single basin vessel sink gives you all the elegance and style you crave while still accommodating a smaller space. The sink is installed on top of a counter, which is ideal for construction, and still gives you enough room to wash and move around easily.

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