These 30 Stupid Little Things Are Always A Bad Idea

These 30 Little Things Are Always A Bad Idea, Especially In Your Twenties

Be careful, because according to Ask Reddit, the following things are ALWAYS a bad idea.

1. To say what you are thinking at the moment you’re furious. Maybe you are right, but you will never feel well after hurting someone.

2. Having sex with someone who you know will fuck your life up.

3. Trusting anyone with anything that could: 1: Embarrass you. 2: Cause drama in your relationship. 3: Get you arrested.

Remember… the only person who can STAB you in the back is the one you think HAS your back to begin with.

4. Lending money to friends. Chances are you’ll lose both.

5. Ignoring red flags while on a first date. Just because they seem nice and you might be able to change them doesn’t mean you should feel obligated to stay with that person. If you hear or see a red flag that means your brain is telling you that something is not right and that you do not want to be with that person for a scary reason.

6. Texting your ex.

7. Having a baby to fix a failing relationship. Like what’s even the mindset on that? “Let’s bring another person in all this mess, it sure can’t worsen things.”

8. Posting dumb/illegal things on social media that can end your job.

9. Venting to a blabber mouth.

10. Clicking confirm order past 12:30am. I have a 100% regret rate at these hours.

11. Telling myself that If I stay up all night, and the following day, I’ll get sleep schedule right. Yeah, right!

12. Trying to please everyone.

13. Dick pics, don’t do it!

14. Getting your significant other’s name tattooed on your body.

15. Procrastinating.

16. Driving drunk.

17. Asking a woman if she is pregnant, or when she is due. It is NEVER worth the risk you are wrong.

18. Closing your eyes after turning off the alarm in the morning.

19. Reading the comments in anything controversial. You know you’ll always get out of there either stressed or crying.

20. Telling a woman to calm down.

21. Going into business with friends or family.

22. Unprotected sex.

23. Shifting your views to match someone else’s.

24. Drunk texting/hookups.

25. Cheating.

26. Road rage. Never useful and can sometimes result in terrible outcomes for you and others on the road.

27. Drugs that involve needles.

28. Googling a symptom.

29. Getting into a fist fight unless you have no other choice

30. Avoiding your problems. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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