30 Canceled Shows That Are Amazing AF And Deserve A Return On Netflix

35 Canceled Shows That Are Amazing AF And Deserve A Return On Netflix 

According to Ask Reddit, these television shows were canceled way earlier than they deserved.

1. Almost Human. Karl Urban plays a detective in the future who has an Android (human like robot) partner. I really enjoyed the sci-fi twists on a procedural drama like 3D printed designer drugs. It ended on a cliff. Just another case of Fox canceling a good show.

2. Hannibal. This is my favorite show to this day, it’s so brilliant! Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy both nailed their performances.

3. Dead Like Me. My favorite moment: “Human beings are simple, predictable clichés. Broken hearts, betrayal, it’s all been done a billion times before. The problem is, every time still hurts like the first. And if you’re lucky enough to recover, you can be sure that just as you finish filling in all the cracks in your life, the next one is starting to open.”

4. Happy Endings. This show was ahead of its time. Max was a breath of fresh air from the flamboyantly gay characters we always see on TV (draaaaaama!). Brad and Jane were an interracial couple who’s storyline didn’t revolve around it. Penny was ah-mahz-ing. Dave was a loveable fool. And who knew Elisha Cuthbert was so fucking hilarious?! I’m still hoping a streaming service picks it up.

5. HBO’s Rome. They had a masterpiece on their hands and threw it away because the BBC wouldn’t promote it and it was too expensive. If you haven’t watched it, you are doing yourself a disservice even if you have no interest in Roman history.

6. Pushing Daisies. One of the most tragic cancellations of all time IMO. It was some of the best TV I’ve ever seen.

7. Jericho was one of the first shows I binge watched when I first got Netflix years ago! It’s a good time and I love anything to do with nuclear war, truly scary stuff.

8. Quantum Leap. It didn’t need world saving story lines or famous people (though they did a few), it was just about ordinary people with regular problems. And it wasn’t number 294 cop/detective or doctor show. It was genuinely unique. It was cheesy at times, but always enjoyable.

9. Celebrity Death Match. I enjoyed it a little too much.

10. Eureka was the shit!!! I still get that catchy theme song stuck in my head sometimes. Ahh man, I need to go back and rewatch some of those episodes… I love science fiction stuff.

11. Courage The Cowardly Dog. Fun fact: Nowhere is based on an actual real life town called “truth or consequences” in new Mexico. An elderly couple who lived there would often report paranormal things in their surroundings, until they both vanished with no trace, leaving their dog as the only survivor in the house.

12. Galavant. Unbelievably underrated show. Alan Menkcen with incredibly funny people who can sing the hell out of his songs… gonna have to start the rewatch now.

13. Freaks and Geeks. It was the James Franco/Seth Rogen squad before they made it big. Amazing show

14. Flashforward. A really interesting high concept show that finished on a huge cliffhanger with the second “flash.” Years before WestWorld and the like did similar time jumpy stuff. It was ahead of its time.

15. Torchwood. The worst part is that most of the original cast seems to be down with an idea of a comeback, but I don’t thing that’ll happen.

16. Fringe was a spectacular show. Just enough weird sci-fi but grounded (for most of it). I loved that show!

17. Loved Warehouse 13. I think they moved too quickly into extended plots though; I really enjoyed the earlier “artifact of the week” episodes, and I wish they had been able to explore that more. (I also love the characters. I started watching Killjoys on Sci-Fi just because Jinxy was one of the main actors.)

18. Lie to Me. I rewatch it regularly on Hulu. My Psychology teacher in high school showed us a few episodes and it’s a big reason why psychology was my major in college.

19. Person of Interest was a television masterpiece. I thought it ended at exactly the right time though.

20. Kyle XY. This show pops in my head every so often and I miss it.

21. Last Man On Earth. I randomly started watching the show after it was cancelled and I love it.

22. Santa Clarita Diet. Timothy Olyphant was absolutely brilliant in this show. He and Drew had fantastic on screen chemistry. It was also refreshing to see Timothy being more comedic in a role. His random “WHAT THE FUCK?! just kept my wife in tears laughing.

23. Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23. This show was so underrated and hilarious and I really wish there were more than two seasons!

24. The OA. The love story in this series has thawed my cold heart. I haven’t felt that way about a show in years.

25. Angel. I’m still pissed off that it was cancelled on a cliffhanger ending. I wouldn’t want them to continue it NOW but I’m still mad about about it.

26. Ugly Americans. Loved this show. So weird and dark and fun. Bojack Horseman reminded me of it a lot.

27. Daredevil. I’m gonna be so so so mad if they get Daredevil to the MCU in a few years and don’t cast Charlie Cox. I’m waaaay too attached to him.

28. Forever. It was a fantastic show and is still one of my all time favorites!

29. Dark Matter. It was a great show and it even ended on a cliffhanger.

30. Terra Nova was fun. Kinda cheesy, but I dug it.

31. Carnivale. As I recall, this got cancelled because it “ballooned” to $1.5 million per episode and HBO couldn’t justify the cost. (Same thing happened to Deadwood and Rome, also amazing shows.) 2020 HBO would likely kill for a show to come in at $1.5 million an episode.

32. Agent Carter. It was excellent. I think I was the only person in my theater who recognized Jarvis in Endgame. It was totally unexpected to see him in there.

33. Penny Dreadful (I know it’s getting a spin-off but I want a continuation of the original story).

34. Limitless, it was a great watch and ended so suddenly with no explanation.

35. Travelers. It was just getting good! This was the most original show I’ve seen in a long time. Everything about it was fantastic. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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