30 Delicious Foods To Pair With Coffee (Since You're Probably On Your Second Cup Already) 

30 Delicious Foods To Pair With Coffee (Since You’re Probably On Your Second Cup Already) 

If you’re about to brew some coffee, you should pair it with one of these foods suggested on Ask Reddit.

1. Those little individually wrapped square caramels. You put one in your mouth then take a drink of hot fresh coffee, hold it in your mouth a second. The caramel melts almost immediately, and the two flavors are just great together.

2. Danish cookies! The ones that you find in grandma’s sewing container when it actually has cookies.

3. Black coffee with a good burger is a very underrated combo.

4. Any pastry is great, but the donut is the unchallenged best.

5. Peanut butter on toast. Specifically, I think it’s the peanut oil, it seems to enhance the flavor of the coffee.

6. Pancakes usually go great.

7. Dark chocolate (on the side).

8. Cold pizza. Something about the combination of texture and taste is just so satisfying.

9. Cinnamon. Sometimes I sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and the smallest pinch of ground cardamom into my coffee grounds before brewing. It makes the coffee taste like a cinnamon roll.

10. A handful of mixed nuts. Almonds, cashews, etc.

11. I LOVE having savory/salty snacks with my coffee. My ideal pairing is coffee with bbq/original corn nuts or chips (preferably Frito Lays).

12. A plain bagel, you can decide whether or not you add cream cheese.

13. Sugar cookies. Don’t dip them, they’ll crumble to bits. Just eat them and drink the coffee.

14. Vanilla ice cream and by that I DO mean Russian Plombir. 10 of them. For emotional purposes.

15. Cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting.

16. If you love bitter things, some lightly salted popcorn… oof.

17. I usually prefer croissants or coffee cake.

18. String cheese. Mozzarella’s my favorite!

19. When I’m having breakfast, sunny side up eggs with cooked weenies and a toasted English muffin.

20. Freshly baked banana bread with lightly salted butter.

21. Heavy whipping cream.

22. A nice crunchy waffle with chocolate and peanuts.

23. A creamy slice of carrot cake.

24. A butter croissant and a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice, in a small cozy coffeehouse with the gentle morning sunshine.

25. Lotus biscoff biscuits/cookies. Man they’re the greatest!!

26. Anything chocolate or chocolate flavored. You dip that chocolate muffin in your coffee, you’ll be orgasming then and there.

27. Nutter Butters. What a delicious treat to dip in my coffee.

28. I used to LOVE a freshly baked bread with butter, with cafe au lait.

29. I eat muffins or a slice of cake with my coffee.

30. Another cup of coffee. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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