20 Questions I Wish I Could Ask My Old Friend With Benefits 

20 Questions I Wish I Could Ask My Old Friend With Benefits

1. Did you realize you were stringing me along or did you actually believe we were on the same page about everything, did you think I was viewing our arrangement as casually as you were?

2. Was there ever a point when you considered turning our situation into something more, into a real relationship, or was it only about the sex for you the entire time?

3. Did you tell your friends about me or was I too irrelevant to even be mentioned during conversations with people who you actually gave a shit about?

4. Do you miss me now that I’m gone, do you ever think about texting me, about getting back together with me, or are you already onto the next girl?

5. What was it about me that made you interested enough to sleep with me, but made me someone you weren’t interested in developing a deeper connection to?

6. Were you serious when you said you weren’t ready for a relationship, or were you only saying those things because you knew we weren’t right for each other and you didn’t want to upset me?

7. Did you think it was my own fault for getting my heart broken by you, for growing attached when you warned me from the beginning that you didn’t want anything serious with me?

8. Do you feel guilty about what you put me through at all, or do you feel like you really aren’t the one who should be taking the blame?

9. How many other girls did you treat like this? Was I the exception or is it stupid of me to think that what we had was any different than what you had with all the girls who came before me?

10. Was the sex good, at least? Was my body good enough for you even though the rest of me was not?

11. When you were with me, was there someone else that you would’ve preferred to have in your bed? Was I your way of getting over your ex or forgetting about your real crush? Was I just a random body meant to distract you?

12. Did you think about me when we were apart? Do you still think about me now?

13. Were you nervous when you saw me? Did the sight of me ever give you butterflies?

14. Should I have been more honest with you about my feelings? Would it have mattered?

15. Could you tell that I was falling for you, or did I hide it pretty well?

16. Do you miss the sex? Is your new girl as good as me?

17.  Was it stupid for me to fall for someone like you? Should I have known better?

18. How long did it take you to get over me? Was there even a small amount of time where you were upset about losing me or did you shrug it off?

19. Do you ever check up on me? Do you look through my social media? Do you view my stories?

20. How much longer until you’re in my life again? Or are you really gone for good? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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