What Her Favorite Sex Position Says About Her Personality

What Her Favorite Sex Position Says About Her Personality

Doggy Style

She has a quirky side. She calls herself a weirdo, loves to laugh, and refuses to date anyone too serious.

Her main goal is to have fun. She doesn’t want to date someone who’s ready to skip straight to having babies and getting married. She wants to travel, to explore, to enjoy her youth. She doesn’t want to be tied down too early, so it might take a while for her to open up to you emotionally.


She cares much more about your heart than your appearance. She wants someone who stimulates her mind, someone she can have deep conversations with, someone who makes her feel loved.

This type of woman isn’t going to stay with you if you bore her, if you disrespect her, or if you make her feel jealous. She doesn’t deal with drama. She wants someone loyal. Someone crazy about her. Someone who isn’t going to screw her over.


She’s a control freak. She wants to wear the pants in the relationship. She wants to have the power.

Whenever you have an argument, she’s going to have the final say. Even when things are going well in your relationship, she’s going to insist on doing things her way, whether that means seeing a movie she picked out or letting her choose the music during long car rides. She likes to make the plans. She doesn’t like to be told what to do. She’s a leader, not a follower.


She wants to be treated like a princess. She wants you to take care of her, to make her feel special, inside and outside of the bedroom.

She needs to be with someone who makes her feel safe, someone who can protect her, someone who always sticks up for her. It goes without being said that she’s a bit traditional. She finds it sweet when you pull out her chair or surprise her at the door with roses. She might not expect you to pay for every date and be the one to drive everywhere, but she would secretly prefer it that way.


She is a giver. She feels bad about being the center of attention, so if she’s going to accept your love she wants to give some love back in return.

Most of the time, she’s going to place your happiness above her happiness. She’s going to go out of her way to do sweet, romantic things for you. But she still has standards. She’s not going to stay in a one-sided relationship. If you’re never doing cute things for her, then she’s going to find someone new to spoil.

Standing up

She is adventurous. She would rather be out doing something, anything, on a weekend than sitting inside the house relaxing. She always likes to go-go-go.

Women like this aren’t going to be happy with routine. They are going to feel restless if you’re always having the same conversations and going on the same dates over and over again. They need variety. They need spontaneity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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