The Stupid Thing Each Zodiac Sign Does When They're In Love

The Stupid Thing Each Zodiac Sign Does When They’re In Love


You jump into relationships quickly, without stopping to wonder whether this person is the right one for you.


You dedicate all of your time to this person and rarely think of anything other than them.


You start picking up on all of their hobbies and interests and forget about your own.


You start doing whatever is possible to make them happy without stopping to ask yourself what would make you happy.


You change your appearance in order to impress them.


You ignore your friends’ warnings and your common sense, and give into temptation instead.


You convince yourself this person doesn’t have any flaws, even after they’ve shown you their true colors.


You spend a lot of money on this person, hoping to win their affection.


You perform big, romantic gestures, even if you get nothing back in return.


You pretend you’re not in love in order to protect yourself.


You get distracted at work and distance yourself from friends because all you suddenly care about is this person.


You tell everyone in your life about them and act like you’re a serious couple before you go on your first date. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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