33 Pieces Of Internet Slang We Should Leave In 2020

33 Ridiculous Pieces Of Internet Slang We Should Leave In 2020

According to Ask Reddit, this slang needs to go.

1. Fur babies… ugh. Makes me fucking cringe every time I read it.

2. “I’m screaming” at the end of something mildly funny.

3. Fuck 👏 you 👏and 👏 your 👏 damn 👏 clap 👏 emojis

4. “Adulting” makes me puke.

5. Periodt. What’s with the t at the end and why do so many say it. I don’t understand. It’s super annoying.

6. tHe AlterNaTiNg cApiTalizAtion tHinG REALLY piSseS mE oFf!

7. YASSS. This word alone makes me want to die in a hole.

8. Any cutesy animal slang. Hooman, pupper, heckin, all that shit. I can’t stand it. I don’t know why it bothers me so much. But it really just makes me want to skip the whole post/photo all together.

9. More of a phrase than a word. ‘Felt cute, might delete later’. No, you’re not cute, delete now.

10. People who use the clown emoji whenever anyone makes a point in an argument drive me fucking insane.

11. Nobody:

Absolutely nobody:

Not a single person on this earth:

Not an absolute living creature anywhere in this universe:

12. Whenever someone says # before anything in an actual verbal conversation.

13. Not so much internet slang, but when people simply reply ‘this’ or even just start their reply with it, it drives me insane.

14. Simp. Only because all my gaming buddies use the word like 50 times a day.

15. This was more popular a couple years ago, but calling people “potato” or “bean”, especially celebrities. It makes me so uncomfortable.

16. Cray cray. Whenever I hear it, especially from someone older than 14, I want to rage quit.

17. “Life Hack” when just showing how to do something. Some don’t even work and are downright dangerous.

18. When people ask for suggestions and end it with “Annnnnnnnd GO!!” As if this is our time to shine and race to give them information they could have gotten with a Google search.

19. Mood. It’s relatable, just say it’s fucking relatable.

20. Cap. Why do you need slang that is 3 letters long for a word that is the same length?

21. “Lowkey” and “Highkey.” Why is everyone putting their keys at such stupid heights?

22. Vibing. What is the proper use for it? Is it a reference to drug use? Is it just a way to express how you’re feeling? I don’t get it.

23. “Oof”, especially when people say it in a real-life conversation.

24. Troll. Why can’t we just use what they really are? Asshole.

25. Spelling boy as BOI.

26. Thot. It’s short for “that hoe over there” and it’s used in place of the word hoe, which is so fucking stupid and redundant.

27. People calling everything “cringe.”

28. “SHOOK” – “that shook me” “she was so shook” “I’m shook” fucking okay then, so everybody is so shook from everything they do, constantly from what I can tell – damn – simpleminded as fuck then.

29. Not really slang but “like if you agree” drives me nuts. Agreement is implied by a like, asking for it is just tacky.

30. Yeeet. It entered my 11 year old’s lexicon and he can’t stop saying it.

31. OK boomer. especially when there is no reason to say it. In my eyes, people use it as an easy way out of an argument.

32. The 👉👈 thing. Ugh.

33. Putting “I mean” before a lot of thoughts. It has its uses as a softener but sometimes it’s better to just say your piece; not every sentence has to be so apprehensive of conflict. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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