50 Ways To Win Over A Girl Whose Love Language Is 'Receiving Gifts'

50 Ways To Win Over A Girl Whose Love Language Is ‘Receiving Gifts’

1. Surprise her with flowers for no real reason at all.

2. Buy her a cup of coffee before she leaves for work.

3. Bring her home dessert (or leftovers) when you get dinner with friends.

4. Win her a prize when you go to a carnival or arcade.

5. Put together a Spotify playlist for her with songs that are meaningful to the two of you.

6. Buy her something silly but thoughtful, like a balloon or a single rose.

7. When you’re grocery shopping, pick up her favorite snacks.

8. Buy her new perfume or her favorite body wash when you notice hers has run out.

9. Surprise her with a box of jewelry.

10. Buy her candles to light when you have romantic dinners at the house.

11. Buy her a boxset of a show she loves so you can bingewatch it together.

12. Write her a letter and send it through the physical mail instead of shooting her a text.

13. Buy her chocolates.

14. Pay for a fun class she’s interested in taking with you.

15. Buy her a comfortable pair of pajamas (or some sexy lingerie).

16. Get her a spa certificate so she can get a facial and a massage.

17. Buy her fuzzy socks or a new blanket to keep warm when you aren’t around.

18. Dedicate a star to her or adopt an animal in her name.

19. Buy her tickets to the movies.

20. Buy her tickets to a Broadway show.

21. Buy her tickets to watch her favorite band play live.

22. Get her a t-shirt that references her favorite television show.

23. Buy her a book by one of her favorite authors.

24. Buy her a video game that you can play as a couple.

25. Pay for her Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu subscription.

26. Buy her plane tickets to visit you (or her family in another state).

27. Take her out to get ice cream on an old-fashioned date.

28. Bake something delicious for her in your own kitchen.

29. Get her a gift card to her favorite restaurant so you can share a meal there in the future.

30. Adopt a puppy or kitten for her (but only if you’ve discussed it and are able to take proper care of it).

31. Print out her favorite Instagram picture of the two of you and have it framed.

32. Buy her a personalized mug she can drink coffee from each morning.

33. Buy her personalized shot glasses so you can drink together.

34. Buy her a comfortable pillow she can snuggle with when you aren’t around.

35. Get her a customized phone case with a picture of the two of you.

36. Surprise her by setting up a picnic with all of her favorite foods.

37. Plant flowers outside her house, so she always has something pretty to see when she gets home.

38. Buy her a board game you can play together on a rainy weekend.

39. Put together a shadow box with memories from your past dates.

40. Create a scrapbook of your relationship.

41. Make her a card from scratch.

42. Order a personalized bookmark with a cute saying on it.

43. Make her a dreamcatcher.

44. Paint her a portrait.

45. Write her a poem or original song lyrics.

46. Print out a calendar with cute pictures attached to each month.

47. Surprise her with a bottle of wine.

48. Buy her a gift card for the tattoo parlor or a hair salon.

49. Order a personalized puzzle with a picture of the two of you.

50. Buy her a personalized keychain with a photo of her pet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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