What Your Favorite Celebrities Were REALLY Like Before They Were Famous 

What Your Favorite Celebrities Were REALLY Like Before They Were Famous

Some people from Ask Reddit went to school with celebrities — and they aren’t always as nice as they seem.

1. Was a freshman when Chris Pratt was a senior. We didn’t interact much, but he was in a lot of the assemblies and I did tech theater for a play he was in.

He was a goofball. Lots of charisma, laid back, class clown. About what you’d expect seeing him now.

2. Went to high school with Mac Miller. Dude was fucking dedicated, he was selling CDs in school and always had posters up and stuff. We weren’t really in the same social circles but we had some classes together. He was a goof and a generally good guy. RIP.

3. Brad Pitt went to my high school when my mom was there, she said he was really nice and kind of a nerd, hung out with the other theatre kids mostly.

4. Went to junior high and high school with Taylor Lautner. Played football together my freshmen year.

Dude was really nice, and a bit awkward. This was before the whole Twilight thing, and he was most famous for Sharkboy and Lavagirl. He seemed pretty much what you expect a theater kid to be like. But really nice dude over all, pretty quiet, played Pokemon together a few times.

5. Went to high school with Shawn Mendes. Nice kid, we all used to make fun of him a bit but I guess the jokes on us now. I see him around at parties once and a while, still a nice guy.

6. I went to school with Kate Upton. She wasn’t memorable in any way, to the point I didn’t even know until years later.

7. I went to high school with Margot Robbie. We were pretty good friends but I haven’t spoken to her in years. She was absolutely lovely. No one had a bad word to say about her, and she is very intelligent.

8. Went to school with Khalid, he was one of those kids that always pretended to be stoned but never smoked, he acted very flamboyant and used that to always be around girls, never made a move on them though, strange fellow.

9. Can’t believe no one has mentioned Drake yet! He went to my high school, though in different grades so I didn’t know him. He was already famous from Degrassi High, and he was hilariously pompous. This school had quite a few rich families, and the rich kids loved him of course.

I mean, he was a very rich kid named Aubrey, living in a rich white/Jewish area. His ‘started from the bottom’ stuff in songs and ‘street’ accent is hilariously fake.

10. Elementary school with Nick Jonas. There would always be like at least 10 girls at recess who would follow him around to hear him sing. Really sweet kid, kind of quiet and kept to himself if I remember correctly.

11. I worked at the Michigan Ren Fest with Keegan Michael Key when I was 17 and he was 19. He was fucking hilarious, sweet, supportive, and just generally a great dude. It was really cool to watch him get all his breaks, and finally the sketch show, which changed everything. We’re still FB friends, but now I share that honor with about 5 million other people.

12. Kelly Clarkson once forgot to wear shoes to school and was sent home. To be fair, country girls often drive without shoes.

13. I went to high school with Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson). We hung out as we were both in the marching band. She was nice and had an outlandish personality way back then (late 70’s) but wasn’t snobby or anything like that.

14. Went to school with Tyson Ritter from All-American Rejects. We were in the same grade and rode the same school bus route. He was in orchestra for a few years, too. He was always the class clown and getting in trouble for his antics, but he was a good kid. I went to several pre-AAR shows (Drowning Fish was his early HS band), and he clearly had a great stage presence. I was so happy to see him succeed, and for so long; my mom is a teacher and her kids would always ask to see my yearbooks.

15. My Dad went to school with Pam Anderson, apparently her sister was much hotter back then and everyone wanted to date her instead of Pam. My Dad even asked Pam out to eventually get to her sister. He was shut down.

16. I went to the same high school as Travis Barker several years apart, but his biology teacher always mentioned how his pencil tapping/drumming always drove her insane.

17. Went to primary school with Hugh Jackman, total class act and always had the makings of someone who would be successful.

18. Was friends with Natalie Portman in first grade. Had a fake fur coat. Her mom would pack her lunch in lots of little containers with instructions on how to assemble them. That’s all I remember.

19. My brother went to high school with Taylor Swift. She was actually super mean to people and got booed off the stage at her junior year talent show.

20. Ninja was as much a tool then as he is now. Nothing really changed. Really fake, tended to bully people.

21. Went to school with Justin Bieber. My only memories of him were him trying to act tough and pick fights with kids 4 grades higher than him.

22. I was in the same class as Bo Burnham, but I never met him except once when he dropped his stuff in the hallway and I picked it up for him, and I kick myself every day and think about what a missed opportunity it was.

23. Went to Long Beach polytechnic high school with Snoop Dogg. But I got kicked out for smoking pot at school.

24. Went to college with Logan Paul. we have these huge street parties every spring. Remember a whole block of college party kids chanting “Fuck Logan Paul” – these were the vine days when he was just starting out.

25. I went to school 5th-12th grade with the son of Suzanne Collins (author of the Hunger Games). She came in to my 5th grade class and we all got signed copies of her other book Gregor the Overlander (didn’t take off like THG did that’s for sure). Her son was super quiet and nerdy, nice kid but just didn’t talk. I remember his girlfriend was also a writer and a lot of us were convinced that she was only dating him to get close to his mom.

26. In college my mom dated Wierd Al’s best friend. She said he was super shy and reserved most of the time, but as soon as he entered the booth it was like a switch was flipped and he exploded with excitement and energy.

27. My friend’s mom went to school with Toney Hawk, she said he was pretty chill.

28. I went to school with Terry Crews for a couple years. Nice kid and a great artist. He and one other kid used to have drawing competitions before class started. Somebody would yell out a comic book character and he and the other kid (also a great artist) would both draw. I can’t remember who was better because it was a lifetime ago.

He punched me in the chest once at an assembly and totally winded me. I was being a dick, so I had it coming.

29. My husband knew Pete Wentz from Fallout Boy – back in the day they had some mutual friends. Said Wentz was a nice guy, quiet. Puked in my husband’s car once after a rave.

30. Family friend still holds a grudge against Anne Hathaway for stealing her boyfriend in high school.

31. My mom was close friends with Winona Ryder in high school. She dressed in all black a lot and was made fun of by other kids, but my mom, her, and a couple others were a pretty tight group. She said Winona used to eat salad for lunch a lot to diet, and she’d put a ton of dressing on it to the point that it wasn’t even healthy anymore haha. After her movie Heathers she made them go and watch it together. She said she was really sweet, and Winona highlighted her picture in my mom’s yearbook which was pretty cool to see.

32. Went to school with Eminem’s daughter in high school. She was a cool girl and always gotten a lot of attention because of her dad.

33. Tommy Hilfiger, who was basically regarded as a trashy a-hole. He had approximately one hundred siblings and I think they were all kind of that way.

34. Lady Gaga was in all our theater shows. We weren’t friends, but man she could sing, even back then.

35. I went to school with Kombucha Girl. She’s honestly dope af. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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