Why Each Zodiac Is Scared Of Themselves

Why Each Zodiac Is Scared Of Themselves


You’re scared you’re going to keep pushing others away and are never going to find love.


You’re scared your self-doubt is going to stop you from putting yourself out there and chasing after what you want.


You’re scared your indecisiveness is going to make it impossible for you to find stability and peace.


You’re scared you’re never going to change your patterns and are going to keep getting into toxic relationships.

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You’re scared your perfectionism is going to stop you from even trying to reach your dreams.


You’re scared you’re going to self-sabotage and will never stay in a long-term relationship.


You’re scared your kindness is going to get you mistaken for a pushover and that you’ll be walked over for the rest of your life.


You’re scared your need for attention is going to prevent you from enjoying your own company.


You’re scared the heartache from your past is going to prevent you from loving fully in the future.


You’re scared your comfort zone is going to stunt your growth and prevent you from blossoming.


You’re scared your fear is going to keep you locked away in your home, all alone.


You’re scared you’re never going to learn to respect yourself and will end up settling for less than you deserve. TC mark

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