The 5 Zodiacs That Are Most Likely To Ghost You In 2020

The 5 Zodiacs That Are Most Likely To Ghost You In 2020


They live spontaneously. Adventurously. And they change their minds all the damn time. An Aries might think they’re madly in love with you one minute and then drop off the face of the planet without warning. You can rest assured their change of heart has nothing to do with you. They run from person to person because they aren’t sure exactly what they want. They run toward what excites them, what gives them temporary butterflies, instead of taking the time to ask themselves what would make them happy in the long run.


Virgos are always swamped with work. They lead busy lives. If they like you, then yes, they’re going to put effort into the relationship. They’re going to set aside time for you. But if they’re not feeling it, then they aren’t going to go through the trouble of treating you tenderly. They’re going to disappear because it requires the least amount of work on their part. Besides, they don’t see the problem in ghosting you. It should get their point across. It should make it clear they aren’t interested and you should move on.


Libras always have good intentions. It’s not that they’re trying to be cruel. They’re just bad at confrontation. Once they realize your relationship isn’t going anywhere, they’re going to disappear as quickly as possible. They won’t stick around to give you a reason why they decided to end things because the conversation would be too painful — and not just for you. The idea of breaking your heart breaks their heart. They feel like it’s kinder to slip away than to lead you on for any longer, so they don’t think twice about ghosting. They hope you’ll understand. They hope you’ll be relieved it ended on a calm note instead of in a screaming match.


Scorpios like to have a fun time. They like to be the life of the party. They like to meet new people and make new friends. To put it bluntly, they’re pretty flirtatious. Unless you’re in a serious relationship with them, the idea of calling things off with you won’t enter their heads. They’ll assume you’re doing the same thing they’re doing. Having fun. Besides, it would be cocky to assume you’re interested in dating them, just because you’ve been nice to them. They don’t want to make assumptions and they don’t want to cause any drama. They would rather walk away than let things get complicated.

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They have a bad habit of ghosting because they underestimate their importance. They don’t think it’s a big deal if they ignore your texts because they assume their silence isn’t going to bother you. They assume you don’t care about them that much. They assume they aren’t worth your energy. Honestly, when an Aquarius ghosts you, they have no idea they’ve done anything wrong. They have no idea you actually give a damn about them. They have no idea you’re keeping track of whether or not they answer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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