50 Embarrassing Little Things That Worsen My Anxiety (And Make Me Feel Like A Freak)

50 Embarrassing Little Things That Worsen My Anxiety (And Make Me Feel Like A Freak)

1. Waiting for an email.

2. Waiting for a text.

3. Getting tagged on social media.

4. Hearing my phone ring.

5. Hearing sirens.

6. Getting invited out with a group of people.

7. Getting my hair done at the salon.

8. Making an appointment over the phone.

9. Being around drunk people.

10. Grocery shopping.

11. Posting on social media.

12. Eating in front of other people.

13. Needing to ask for the bathroom.

14. Needing to ask for water.

15. Walking through metal detectors.

16. Making small talk with neighbors.

17. Making small talk with coworkers.

18. Going through the drive-thru.

19. Bagging items at the grocery store.

20. Merging on the highway.

21. Parking.

22. Hearing noises in the middle of the night.

23. Walking through parking lots alone.

24. Squeezing past strangers at the movie theater.

25. Swallowing pills.

26. Ordering pizza over the phone.

27. Answering the door for pizza.

28. Walking through crowded places.

29. Thunderstorms.

30. People raising their voice.

31. Screaming.

32. Getting called on to answer questions.

33. Team-bonding games.

34. Getting a notification on my phone.

35. Coughing in a crowded room.

36. Sneezing in a crowded room.

37. Working out in front of other people.

38. Locker rooms.

39. Scales.

40. Getting photos taken.

41. Using public restrooms.

42. Talking to waiters.

43. Hearing a knock at the door.

44. Getting DMs.

45. Loud noises.

46. Going to the doctor.

47. Going to the dentist.

48. Getting stared at by strangers.

49. Hearing someone say we need to talk. 

50. Everything — and nothing at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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