33 Fake Alien Messages That Sound Like The Start Of A 'Black Mirror' Episode 

33 Fake Alien Messages That Sound Like The Start Of A ‘Black Mirror’ Episode 

If aliens sent a message to our world, Ask Reddit thinks these would be the scariest things we could possibly hear.

1. We’re coming to pick up the 2 billion members of our species living on your planet.


3. Help us; you’re the last ones left.

4. Experiment is accomplished. Simulation scheduled for termination on January 1st.

5. God created you, he didn’t create us.

6. We accidentally broke this golden thing, sorry.

7. Hm. Your race was just like this last time too.

8. Do not leave your star system. Trust us.

9. Stop your radio emissions now. They have heard you and they are coming. At your level of technology you must leave your world if you want to survive.

10. You should have remained silent.

11. Don’t try this again… after the 5th time we’re tired of sending your planet back to the stone age…

12. 10…9…8…

13. They’re coming. We’re sorry

14. We have come to re-take your world.

15. I’m sorry, nothing could be done, but you are alone now.

16. Wow. You’ve grown a lot.

17. You’re not alone, there are more of us and we want your planet.

18. No one is coming to save you.

19. Yep, you did no better than the dinosaurs so… It’s time we try again.

20. Earthlings, come out to play.

21. Data collection complete. Your thought recorders will now go into audio playback mode. You will be unable to move during this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

22. In response to your question: “No”. We will not contact you again.

23. Giant asteroid headed your way, it should be there in a week.

24. Harvest starts at midnight.

25. Stay quiet, or they’ll hear you.

26. It’s good to see that your species has resurfaced after these millions of years of extinction!

27. The universe is collapsing faster than the speed of light.

28. Our great civilization existed for ions, we traveled many solar systems but we never encountered any signs of life. The feeling of being alone in this universe has never been this strong. We are desperate.

29. We could not stop it. It kills everything. If you have received this transmission, it knows where you are. Flee for your lives.

30. We tried to warn you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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