30 Fucking Phenomenal Television Shows That Will Make Your Life Worth Living

30 Fucking Phenomenal Television Shows That Will Make Your Life Worth Living

These show recommendations from Ask Reddit are killer!

1. Barry. I’ve never been so charmed, moved, and disturbed by one show. The writing is fantastic, the humor is dark but accessible, and the plot line is as original as I’ve seen recently.

2. Mindhunter. Fascinating series. Even read the book after the 2nd season finished. Was an amazing read albeit it was very disturbing and it takes a certain type of person to enjoy this stuff.

3. Better Call Saul. Breaking Bad was an amazing, groundbreaking show, and still holds the crown in the action/suspense category, but Better Call Saul is probably the best character-driven drama I’ve ever seen.

4. You. Best serial killer show since Dexter, but totally different tone/vibe. I love the unreliable, self-deluded narrator who justifies his stalking and murderous behaviors.

5. Mr. Robot. The series finale was last week. Easily the best show of the decade, IMO – going to really miss it. Hope it blows up now that people can stream the whole thing.

6. Schitt’s Creek. A show has never been so witty and hilarious (in my opinion). I cackle every single time.

7. Silicon Valley. Never heard of it until this year. Funniest show I’ve seen in a long time.

8. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The show is so beautiful – like every detail has been thought through.

9. Currently favorite show is The Mandalorian. Been watching it with my gf and it’s been really fun.

10. Catastrophe on Amazon Prime. Mature modern love. The show is quite charming and very well received by critics.

11. The Witcher, the scenes are fantastic and it gives off a very weird fascinating feeling of dystopia, its rich characters really give off a sense of pain most people can relate to.

12. Fleabag. Haven’t laughed this hard in ages.

13. Binging Unbelievable on Netflix for the past 5 hours. It’s an absolutely fantastic crime drama about a rapist. It always sucks to know it’s a true story but still a very well done show so far.

14. The Good Place. Shout out and a recommendation to the official companion podcast which aired/airs chronologically after each episode. Has loads of the main cast along with the production team/writers etc. as they delve into behind the scenes anecdotes and development tidbits.

15. I’m liking His Dark Materials so far. Loved the books so I’m glad they didn’t botch this attempt at bringing it to the screen

16. Bojack Horseman. I identify with a lot of his personality traits and love the quotes. They describe so many things I’ve never found the ability to put into words. And it is absolutely beautifully written and incredibly challenging to predict. And you notice new things with every rewatch. I’m looking forward to watching season 6 part 2 when it comes out at the end of January. I also like that the show isn’t being dragged out and will actually have a clear and well thought out ending.

17. Stranger Things. It’s overrated I know but I love all of the 80’s themes and movie references. And they did a really good job at tying in the supernatural in with it and you can really see the character development and not to mention the actors they chose. They’re all loveable. And the show is really one that you can relate to. It also makes me laugh!

18. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I’m 14 years too late, but I just got into it.

19. The Boys. I was really surprised by this show. It was super well cast and written.

20. The Expanse. Eeeee such a good show, so exciting, so well written, such interesting characters. Argh. I’m watching 2-3 eps a night. No morally black and white characters, everyone is shades of grey.

21. What We Do in the Shadows. Oh God this show is so freaking hilarious, I thought it wouldn’t hold a candle to the movie but man they far exceeded my expectations.

22. Bob’s Burgers! It’s really a great show for so many reasons. One being the adults and the toddler in my house can all enjoy it. Been sick in bed all week and it’s the only show I’ve watched non-stop and I’m still not sick of it.

23. Battlestar Galactica. One of those shows that I’m sad I can never watch again for the first time.

24. The West Wing. I always end up back at this show. It would be a great bedtime show if not for the BLARING trumpets that play in the theme song at the beginning and end of every episode.

25. Brooklyn 99. They have already been picked up for Season 8.

26. Gravity Falls. Duh…

27. Peep Show is pretty funny albeit incredibly repetitive.

28. Atlanta. Darius is such a mood. Can’t wait for season 3.

29. Psych! Fantastic crime comedy about a guy pretending to be psychic and working for the police department solving crimes.

30. Peaky Blinders. Show is the best in terms of writing and set pieces, but the dialogue is dense, so you need to pay attention to all of it. I’ve suggested this to people before, but this is a show worth watching with the subtitles on. That way their accents and the mumbling and everything isn’t lost. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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