30 Cops On The Time They Pulled Over A Famous Person

30 Cops On The Time They Pulled Over A Famous Person

These cops from Ask Reddit met some celebrities in the strangest way possible.

1. My dad pulled over Clint Eastwood. I guess this was just after they started requiring licenses to drive motorcycles in California. He pulled him over because he was driving weird, like he didn’t really know how to ride. His was response to license issue was, “Man, next thing you know you’ll need a license to ride a horse.”

2. I used to live in Bergenfield New Jersey a few years back and I think Chris Rock lives there. My buddy was a cop and said he pulled him over for going 55 in a 30 and NJ is mad strict with driving. He said Chris was awesome and even gave him an autograph after the speeding ticket.

3. My dad was a cop. Pulled over none other than Marilyn Manson for an unsafe signal lane change (he was bragging the day it happened) in the early 2000s. Said he was non descript and low key, apologetic and didn’t act like a big shot above the law.

4. I gave Werner Herzog a speeding ticket in the Hollywood hills in the early 2010s. He was very polite and even shook my hand. Nice fellow.

5. Some police officer pulled over Kit Harington once for speeding or something. He said he’d let him go if he told him if he’s really dead in Game Of Thrones.

He told him. He let him go.

True story, at least according to Kit.

6. When I was a cop I pulled Blake Shelton over once. I walked up the window went through my little spiel, “Hello my name is Officer Juscvin with the city Police, The reason I’ve stopped you tonight is insert crime, may I see your license and insurance verification?” He gives me his stuff and it’s really late so I haven’t even figured out it’s him yet I’m just thinking this guy looks familiar. He was really friendly and pretty apologetic super nice guy. I wanted to ask for an autograph or picture but felt like it would’ve been unprofessional.

7. My driving instructor was a former Missouri traffic cop. He told me a story about pulling over Tom Selleck while he was in town filming an episode of Magnum PI.

He wasn’t rude, he just thought he could get away with it because he’s Tom Selleck.

8. My great grandfather pulled over John Wayne for speeding, apparently he was really whiney and rude. Still have the ticket.

9. My dad pulled over Anthony Kiedis and Flea (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) out in the California desert once. They had a some girls with them. God only knows what they were doing or where they were going. His partner was actually the one to pull them over, but by chance, he got a glimpse of them. He ran up, confirmed it was them, had a laugh, and convinced his partner to let them go.

10. Me and my dad are cops and he pulled over Peyton Manning one day.

11. My friend is a cop in Chicago and years ago he pulled over Sean Hayes for speeding on Lake Shore Drive. My friend recognized him from TV but didn’t let anything on. As he was writing him a ticket, Hayes asked, “Do you watch Will & Grace?” But my friend just said, “Nope. Here’s your ticket.”

12. Former police cadet and dispatcher here. I was on a ride along and was told this story. So this officer pulls this car over for speeding. She then suspects the driver of being drunk. She calls in his drivers license to run it. The dispatcher tells her, “You have Nick Nolte pulled over? Do you know who he is? He’s a movie star.” The officer is young and doesn’t know who Nick Nolte is. Turns out he wasn’t drunk, he was just being Nick Nolte. She gave him a warning and sent him on his way.

13. Michigan cop here, it’s pretty common to stop Kid Rock and Eminem around these parts.

14. My dad shouted at Prince Harry once for trying to pet his German Shepherd police dog.

15. Uncle is a cop, pulled over Justin Bieber twice. Can’t remember what for, probably speeding, but it was a long time ago. The second time he recognized my uncle.

16. Not a police officer, was a corrections officer for a bit… Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob) was a return customer at the jail for quite a bit of time. It’s weird, grew up watching those movies and then you just see him inside a housing unit, it’s just a really weird feeling. Very nice man, sad but nice. He struggled for awhile and I’m glad he’s kept on the straight and narrow… The new Jay and Silent Bob movie scares me because I hope he doesn’t do anything reckless now that he has a disposable income.

17. My brother in law once pulled over Kevin Hart in Atlantic City, NJ. Said he was super polite, voice was high pitched, and even offered to shake BIL’s hand afterward.

Hart got a ticket for speeding in a school zone.

18. Former Deputy. The county I worked in had a popular vacation area. A couple deputies met Tom Cruise. Said he was really nice.

19. My father was a police officer for 27 years and in one day he pulled over Paul Newman, who, apparently, was notorious for speeding. So, my dad goes to cite him and gets a call for an accident that needed assistance down the road. Then sometime shortly thereafter, my father pulled him over again and Newman allegedly groaned, “Not you again.”

20. D’angelo Russell. He was respectful and didn’t mention who he was. I didn’t know it was him until I recognized his name and looked him up. I let him go with a warning on some chicken shit window tint traffic stop.

21. The county had a small air strip near this vacation area. One night one of our Deputies is patrolling and finds a running SUV just parked there at like 0300. Contacts the driver who my friend reported as being kind of shady and not belonging in the area. Driver says he is waiting for Bill Cosby and is his body guard and driver. My friend does not buy it but says he will stick around for Bill Cosby to appear. Low and behold, a jet lands a few minutes later and Bill Cosby gets out. My friend says he walks up to the truck and the driver says, “Mr Cosby, this Deputy would like to meet you.” All Bill says is, “That’s nice,” gets in the car, and leaves. The way it was told is he was a snarky and rude asshole.

22. My dad once pulled over Bobby Bones for a tail light down highway 37. Not sure what all went down befor but I do remember my dad quoting him, “Not again.” Apparently it had happened at Least 4-5 times before this happened and he needed to take that car to go get the replacement bulb. He hadn’t noticed until after the morning. Not too interesting but it’s funny to think he was pulled over so many times for the same thing.

23. My dad pulled over Milwaukee Bucks player Ersan Ilyasova. He was going well over the limit and well over the pace that traffic was following. My dad was going to cut him a break until he blurted out in his Turkish accent, “I was just keeping up with traffic.” Slapped a ticket on his ass for trying to argue over a petty ticket that wouldn’t even make a dent in his 7 mil a year contract.

24. I gave the long haired guy (early 2000’s I believe) from Hootie and the Blowfish a ticket for no leash on his dog. We were driving on a small beach island and he’s standing on a side road with his dog and no leash. He told my partner and I he was in a band and we asked which band he was in and he told us. We both were like we’ve never heard of this band (lying). I said Hootie?? Good luck with that is it rap and he laughed and said no. He was cool. Still gave him the ticket.

25. Former Police officer here. I was on patrol when I saw a group of people trying to cross the street on a very busy (and dangerous 4 lane highway) in the dark. I pulled over and loaded them up and drove them across. It was the band, Til Tuesday. Nice people.

26. This is from Lewis Hamilton in his interview in Letterman:

He drove a particularly loud sports car in London. And was promptly pulled over by a cop that told him as he approached Lewis’s window, “Who do you think you are? Lewis Hamilton?”

He didn’t get a ticket.

27. My co-worker wrote Wes Craven a ticket. He didn’t know who he was and so when he gave him the ticket, he just was like, “Here’s you ticket Mr. Craven.” My co-worker told me that if he knew he wrote a ticket to the Nightmare On Elm Street guy, he would have issued a warning instead.

28. I was a NYC Park Ranger in Central Park. I asked Christianne Amanpoor from CNN to put her dog on a leash and she said, “Do you know who I am?”

I said, “I don’t care who you are, put your dog on a leash.”

29. I wasn’t a patrol officer, but rather the sheriff’s deputy at Aspen’s airport, Sardy Field. I had to threaten to tow both Kurt Russell’s and Hunter Thompson’s vehicles more than once when they left them where they weren’t supposed to, parked right in front of the airport. Hunter was Hunter and just mumbled and groused, and Kurt usually just waved and smiled. Dirty violators, the both of them.

30. My dad is a retired NYPD cop.

Many years ago he pulls over a limo in Bklyn speeding on highway zooming towards Manhattan. Driver pulls over and admits to speeding and begs my dad not to look in back.

He naturally looks in back and there is Johnny Mathis and another guy stark naked going at it. Johnny Mathis begs him not to say anything and my dad says no prob.

When he returns to precinct, there is an envelope there for him. Two front row tix to see him perform at the old Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center.

He goes with his fiancee, (now my mom) and I was born 9 months later.

Thanks Johnny, if it wasn’t for him, I might not even be here! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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