What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Remember This Holiday Season

What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Remember This Holiday Season


You are allowed to turn down invitations to family events and catchups with friends if you feel like certain people would only make you more stressed.


You are allowed to feel lonely. You are allowed to wish you had someone to kiss beneath the mistletoe.


You are allowed to be stressed. You are allowed to feel like this season is more overwhelming than merry.


You are allowed to spend money on yourself. You are allowed to get presents for yourself, too.

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You are allowed to cheat on your diet. You are allowed to treat yourself a little.


You are allowed to save your money. You’re allowed to give loved ones hand-made gifts instead of spending a fortune.


You are allowed to skip old traditions if they bring back too many bad memories.


You are allowed to be upset if you’re missing loved ones who are no longer with you — or even exes who have gone a separate way from you.


You are allowed to get excited about the holiday season. Being a kid at heart is a good thing, not something to be embarrassed about.


You are allowed to be upset around this time of year. It doesn’t make you a grinch. It makes you human.


You are allowed to take a break from work. You are allowed to let yourself slow down for a change.


You are allowed to do whatever you want during the holidays. You are allowed to make your own traditions. TC mark

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