The Date You Should Take Each Zodiac On During December 2019 

The Date You Should Take Each Zodiac On During December 2019 


You should go ice skating outdoors and do a photoshoot — then you should use the photos for your holiday card!


You should build a gingerbread house together, along with some snowmen made from marshmallows.


You should fill spray bottles with food coloring and make artwork in the snow!


You should make hot cocoa and sip it together while you’re watching cheesy holiday movies.

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You should check out events in your neighborhood to see if anyone holds a tree lighting or displays ice sculptures.


You should go to a hockey game — or watch one from underneath the blankets in your own living room.


You should bake cookies together and decorate them with icing and sprinkles.


You should go sledding together — or, if you’re both athletic, you should go skiing or snowboarding.


You should visit a bookshop and then make a blanket fort to read under.


Since it’s too cold outside, you should have a picnic in the middle of your living room.


You should get away from the cold for a little while and book a vacation somewhere warm.


You should drive around the block in your car in order to admire all of the holiday lights on your neighbors’ houses. TC mark

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