A Drinking Game To Play While Watching The Impeachment Inquiry 

A Drinking Game To Play While Watching The Impeachment Inquiry Hearings 

If you’re planning on watching the impeachment hearings, this drinking game from Ask Reddit might help you make it through.

1. If you don’t want to die: Drink every time someone admits they were wrong.

2. Take a drink every time Russia is mentioned.

3. Drink every time someone doesn’t answer the question.

4. A shot of peach shnapps (which is beyond gross, IMHO) every time you hear the word “impeach.”

5. A shot of Jaeger every time you hear the word “Tremendous.”

6. I’m assuming he’s going to live tweet. So everytime he angrily responds to an accusation take a drink.

7. If he specifically calls out Nancy Pelosi or AOC take three drinks.

8. Every time a felony is added to the list take a drink.

9. Shot every time the narrative changes between “There was no quid pro quo” and “There was quid pro quo but that’s fine.”

10. Finish your drink every time someone takes one of those awkward gulps of water.

11. One shot for every “No one is above the law.”

12. Drink whenever someone from one side is angry about something they were fine with when it was done by someone from their own side.

13. Take a shot every time someone pulls their phone out and doesn’t act like they care about the hearings.

14. Take a shot every time a republican calls for a “yes” and “no” vote and makes them tally every vote.

15. Take a shot every time they ask to repeat the question.

16. Shoot a whole bottle of Jack if a republican admits that Donald Trump did something wrong.

17. Take a drink anytime a republican complains about the process being unfair.

18. Finish your drink for any mention of cofveve.

19. Take a shot for when anyone says MAGA in its abbreviated or full form.

20. Take a shot every time someone blames the other party.

21. Take a shot every time you hear quid pro quo and try not to die.

22. I don’t recall = drink.

23. Drink every time a GOP questioner suddenly realizes “oh no, I shouldn’t have asked that.”

24. Drink every time a witness suddenly realizes “oh no, I shouldn’t have said that.”

25. If you still have a witch hat laying around from Halloween, you can have a person wear it. It’ll rotate around the room whenever a new person is introduced during proceedings. Whenever the term Witch Hunt is used you all scream burn the witch and the person in the hat takes a shot of fireball.

26. Drink every time someone makes a run-on sentence.

27. Drink every time you hear “Clinton.”

28. Drink when God is mentioned as a reason/motivation/explanation.

29. Drink when an answer or question gets misinterpreted for the sole purpose of showing moral virtue.

30. Rules? If there’s anything we should have learned in the last few years, it’s that there are no rules. Drink whenever, and then try to dodge the consequences the day after. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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