33 Super Obvious, In-Your-Face Signs Someone Has A Crush On You

33 Super Obvious, In-Your-Face Signs Someone Has A Crush On You

If your crush does any of the things mentioned on Ask Reddit, they probably like you back!

1. They always respond to your Instagram / Snapchat stories.

2. They look at you after they tell a joke to see if you’re laughing.

3. They laugh too much at your jokes.

4. They’re normally talkative but are quiet around you, or vice versa.

5. They mirror your body language or copy your mannerisms/tones/expressions.

6. They look at your lips.

7.  You catch them staring at you multiple times.

8. They text you often or offer to call you and talk.

9. They’re visibly nervous/anxious when they’re around you. They stumble on their words, avoid eye contact, etc.

10. They try to look their best around you. They start having an interest in the things you like once you tell them your interests.

11. They make longer eye contact than usual.

12. They try to continue a conversation when it’s obvious that it probably should have been over a while ago.

13. They go out of their way to make physical contact, from a touch on the arm to brushing shoulders in passing.

14. They lean towards you when they speak.

15. If you’re in a group chat with your crush and multiple friends, and your crush goes out of their way to message you privately about the conversation happening in the group chat. Like damn why we whispering?

16. They reply immediately.

17. They are normally shy and quiet but look genuinely excited to see you and want to talk to you.

18. They tell you that they had a dream about you.

19. “Wow your hands are huge.” Holds out hand to compare.

20. They blush every time they look/smile at you.

21. They try to do favors for you.

22. If they tell you that they have a crush on you then they probably have a crush on you.

23. They play with your hair.

24. They’re curious about your family.

25. They invite you to hang out often.

26. They laugh at every joke/pun you tell, even the worst ones.

27. They hum or quietly sing your favorite song or a song from your favorite band.

28. They always find excuses to be around you.

29. They explore your taste in music, arts, food and such.

31. They regularly visit your favorite places.

32. They ask around about you.

33. They have an erection. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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