Why He Has No Idea You're Flirting With Him, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why He Has No Idea You’re Flirting With Him, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You’re always teasing him, so he assumes you hate him.


You only ‘flirt’ by liking his social media posts — and he has no idea what that means.


You send mixed signals. He’s not sure what to think about you.


You’re nice to everyone. So he assumes you’re only being friendly.

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You’ve been playing hard to get. You never text first or ask him to hang out, so he doesn’t think he has a chance with you.


He has no idea you’ve been posting cute Instagram stories for him and only him.


You dance around your feelings. You never come right out and say exactly how you’re feeling.


You’ve mentioned other guys to him — or have flirted with other guys around him. So he doesn’t think you want him.


You only flirt online. You never flirt in person.


He actually knows you’re flirting. He just doesn’t know exactly what you want from him.


You’re not being obvious enough. You’re subtle with all your flirting and he never picks up on it.


You get nervous and run away whenever you see him. He assumes you want nothing to do with him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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