Read These 50 Inspirational, Uplifting Facts When You’re Convinced The World Is A Horrible Place

Read These 50 Inspirational, Uplifting Facts When You’re Convinced The World Is A Horrible Place

These facts from Ask Reddit are going to make you smile today!

1. Sunflowers face the sun. When they cannot find the sun, they face each other.

2. Mother dolphins sing for their babies while they’re in the womb.

3. Sometimes in movies, when dogs/wolves are supposed to look mean and threatening, their tails would have to be redone with CGI because their tails won’t stop wagging from doing such a good job acting.

4. If you’re so inclined, you can bribe the ravens around where you live with food and become friends with them. They remember faces, so, after you’ve fed them for awhile they’ll recognize you and fly right on over.

5. In Japan, some macaques (a type of monkey) have learnt how to use coins they find to buy snacks from vending machines.

6. Puffins are such social creatures that when an island with a low population of puffins started putting up fake puffins on sticks, the puffins would stand on one leg to try and fit in with the fake puffins.

7. The fingerprints of a koala are so indistinguishable from humans that they have on occasion been confused at a crime scene.

8. That chill down your spine when you listen to music is called frisson. It’s a leading principal behind ASMR and can be triggered by, among other things, irregular music patterns. If your song ever just stopped the music for a beat then started again, this can cause it. Frisson is a fantastic feeling and it has been described as a ‘skin orgasm’ so take that as you will.

9. There are vending machines in Istanbul, Turkey that dispense food and water for stray dogs. The price is an empty recyclable bottle.

10. The voice actor for Mickey Mouse married the voice actor for Minnie Mouse.

11. Military dogs always outrank their handlers.

12. Coffee has so many health benefits that they outweigh the negative ones 1:100, so drinking coffee (within reason, all things can be toxic in large amounts) is pretty good for you.

13. Raccoons like to wash their food before they eat it.

14. The voice actors for SpongeBob and Patrick are best friends IRL.

15. Baby elephants suck their trunks for the same reasons human babies suck their thumbs.

16. It’s illegal to own only one guinea pig in Switzerland. This means that every pet guinea pig in Switzerland must have a guinea pig friend.

17. If a vampire bat is too sick to feed other bats in the colony will share their blood meal with them.

18. Fish can learn to recognize their owner. People have a misconception that fish can’t see out of the glass of their aquariums, but the reality is that they have surprisingly good eyesight.

They also tend to have different personalities. Like, for example, some fish like to be pet.

19. Bees get sleepy after drinking nectar and occasionally take naps on flowers.

20. Sweden is so good at recycling that they need to import trash from Norway and UK to be able to run their energy plants.

21. Dogs sneeze when play fighting to show they are playing and don’t wanna hurt you!

22. Humans are natural-born helpers. In the presence of a toddler, if you drop a small object, then reach down to get it, but pretend to be unable to get it, the child almost always picks it up and hands it to you. This has been shown to be true across races, ethnicities, and diverse socio-economic populations. We are born to help.

23. A cat’s purr helps heal injuries a little bit faster, and if you’re sick it helps a little bit. Unless you’re allergic to cats.

24. An otter will find a rock as a juvenile and keep that rock for life.

25. There are more than twice as many libraries and museums in the U.S. as there are McDonald’s.

26. People everywhere are working to improve themselves.

I am so inspired by knowing the folks take time to take care of themselves; choosing an apple over a candy bar, taking a bubble bath instead of stressing out, going to counseling. I know there is a lot of darkness in the world, but there is a lot of light too.

27. Pandas are no longer considered an endangered species. Also, being a professional panda caretaker is one of the highest paying jobs in China, if I remember correctly, their average salary is about $32.5k.

28. The ozone layer if fixing itself naturally and will only take a few years to fully recover!

29. Overall dogs feel more rewarded with words of affirmation from their owners when doing something good (like shaking a paw or sitting) than if they receive a treat.

30. Crime has been GREATLY reduced since 1994 despite media coverage.

31. When a dog puts his or her paw on you that’s their way of petting you. And when they lean on you and put their whole weight on you, that’s their way of telling you they love you.

When a cat blinks slowly at you, that’s a “kitty kiss”. It’s their way of telling you they trust you. When they run their face on yours that’s them saying that you’re part of their family.

32. Guinea pigs hop up and down when excited.

33. Manatees are no longer endangered.

34. There was a gay penguin couple and the zoo they lived at gave them a baby.

35. People born blind smile even though they’ve never seen anyone else smile.

36. There is a heavy metal band called “Hatebeak”. Their lead singer is an African Grey Parrot.

Albums like “Hellbent for Feathers” and “Bird Seeds of Vengeance”. It’s kinda awesome.

37. Some animals like mantis shrimp, beavers, and many birds have monogamous relationships; meaning that they will stay with one partner and mate for life.

38. Dolphins will intentionally play with puffer fish and get poked by the spikes. The poison in the spikes gets them high.

39. Positive thoughts help boost your energy and form better relationships.

40. A species of tarantula keeps a tiny frog as a pet. The frog protects the spider’s eggs from insects and the frog gets protection.

41. Your dog really does genuinely love you, it’s not just a case of depending on you for toys and food.

It’s been studied that the oxytocin levels in a dog’s brain sharply elevate when they see a human they have a positive relationship with. When exposed to the scent of their owners in an MRI machine, the dogs’ levels elevated higher than any other scent.

42. Cows can have best friends.

43. Physical activity releases dopamine so by motivating yourself to work out you will be more happy because of the actual action and from the results if you stick with it. Now if you haven’t exercised today do a few pushups or situps!

44. Animals like gazelles and llamas can “pronk,” which is a hopping/bouncing gait where all 4 feet leave the ground.

45. We might have a vaccine for breast and ovarian cancer in less than ten years.

46. Members of at least one type of parrot give themselves a unique name. It’s a variation on their parents’ names which they learn cause these parrots announce themselves. “Hey, it’s me! <parrotname>!”

So just imagine a bunch of birds all excited about being themselves.

47. Sea Otters hold hands while they’re sleeping so that they don’t drift apart.

48. Baby echidnas are called puggles.

49. Researchers at De Montfort University have developed lightweight prosthetic limbs made from plastic water bottles.

50. Every single one of your ancestors found a way to get laid. Get out there and make ‘em proud, King. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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