How You Screw Up Every Relationship, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How You Screw Up Every Relationship, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You’re selfish. You put yourself before your relationship and end up making your partner feel like they’re low on your list of priorities.


You’re a shitty listener. You nod like you’re paying attention, but when it’s someone else’s turn to speak, you’re secretly thinking about the next thing you want to talk about.


You pretend you’re okay when you’re not. You pretend you’re happy when you’re not. You never express anything other than positive emotions, so no one ever knows when something is bothering you. They assume you’re perfectly fine.


You assume everyone is out to get you. You create problems, even when none exist, because you assume someone looked at you the wrong way or used a nasty tone with you. You’re always worried about something.


You’re too demanding. Your standards are too high. You expect your partner — and your relationship — to be perfect. The second something goes wrong, you bail.


You’re too controlling. You want everything to be perfect. You freak out when the tiniest thing goes wrong instead of going with the flow and enjoying your time with your person.


You’re too nice. You turn into a carbon copy of whoever you’re dating. You don’t have any opinions. You agree with everything they say. You let them walk all over you — and that gets boring for them fast.


You refuse to apologize. You refuse to admit you’re wrong. You refuse to take responsibility when you make a mistake. You try to pin the blame on everyone else. You always think you’re in the right.


You’re a lot to handle — and you brag about it. You act like it’s cool to be a bitch. You act like it’s your person’s fault if they cannot take your flaws, when really, you should be working on your flaws. You should be trying to better yourself.


You’re obsessed with the idea of being independent. You take things too far and refuse to do things couples are supposed to do, like buy each other gifts and pay for each other’s meals and act as a team. You’re a lone wolf. You push others away every chance you get.


You have a lazy streak. You don’t like to leave the house. You don’t like to do anything fun. You just want to sit inside and watch television, even if that means spending less and less time with your person.


You suck at communication. You never say how you feel. And you get angry when your person isn’t able to read your mind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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