30 Romantic Things Your Boyfriend Wishes You Would Do (Because Sex Isn't Enough)

30 Romantic Things Your Boyfriend Wishes You Would Do (Because Sex Isn’t Enough)

Your boyfriend will melt if you do these things from Ask Reddit.

1. Run your fingers through my hair, give me a scalp massage, work your way down to my neck and shoulders… stuff like that.

2. Wear my shirt at the end of the day. There is nothing more romantic and set my heart to racing than to see a girl in my button down that I wore that day.

3. When I make a lame joke via text, my girlfriend doesn’t just “lol” but uses it as an opportunity to tell me she misses me.

It’s very reaffirming to know that she not only appreciates my humor, but me as a person.

4. Ya boi would actually like some flowers.

5. Hugs your arm randomly. Makes her feel safe and makes you feel like a man.

6. Read to me. I love my wife’s voice, and she reads aloud during road trips.

7. Just for her to tell me she is proud of me.

8. Go exercise with me when it seems I stopped doing it regularly.

9. Sometimes I don’t wanna be treated as a man. I just want to find a good woman who holds me like a child while I’m sleeping, stroking my head and telling me that I’m doing good. If I found that woman, I’d expect nothing more from life.

10. When she tells me that I’m so cute when I get all excited about nerd stuff. Most dislike the culture or don’t understand/care. She doesn’t understand but loves that I get so excited about it.

11. Little positive surprises (whether it’s small gifts, even more so if it was made by the girl herself, doesn’t have to be expensive, just the thought counts).

12. Initiate cuddling and hug ME from behind once in awhile. Kiss ME by surprise for a change. I’m a very affectionate guy and I really appreciate when a woman is proactive when it comes to shows of affection.

13. Spending money on us. For many women, splitting the check is already an achievement, because they want to be made to feel special by having someone pay for the entire check. But they do not seem to realize that we, men, would also like to feel special once in a while.

14. Going on walks with me talking about the future (like life goals, mainly career wise) or about passions, even showing trust to us about issues so we can open up over ours.

15. When I’m playing a video game and she just brings me a plate of food.

16. Little reminders when out in public that she’s thinking about you or cares about you.

Like little hip bumps, the “knowing look”, winks, tapping the side of the knee against yours when sitting together…

17. Let me lay my head in her lap and stroke my hair.

18. See a funny pickup line online and then try it on me to make me facepalm.

19. Put. Their. Phone. Down.

20. Small physical touches can go a long way. A hand on our chest as we cuddle or the occasional butt squeeze. And please sometimes just give us a hug. A big hug can be just what we need to say “yeah it’s hard but I can do this”. It can give us the strength to feel”like a man” again.

21. Be a lil more relaxed, when a lady is comfortable enough to be around you without makeup or heels it’s a nice feeling.

22. Just being honest with me. It’s nice to know if you’re having a bad day and need someone to comfort you or maybe just leave you the hell alone. It builds trust and starts way less fights.

23. Boop my nose.

24. I’m pretty much swooned if she messages first.

25. When they don’t mind taking the lead a little bit in bed. I’m not talking like weird kinky stuff I just mean for guys like me who haven’t had a lot of sexual experience and I’m still not really comfortable with being physical yet it’s really nice when a girl is actually willing to help you through it and learn how to get her off. I have yet to meet one of these girls but I’m told they’re out there.

26. I have had long hair for about two years now. I like it when they play with my hair.

26. Just little random bits of affection (like bum taps) for no reason.

27. Show interest in our personal interests even if it’s just letting us guys talk about it and letting it out. Men want to be heard too.

28. Tell us we look pretty. Seriously. A man can go his whole life without hearing a goddamn compliment!

29. Honestly I just want the quiet safe moments where she lets me rest my head on her chest and listen to her heart beat.

Don’t worry about grand gestures. Let me know where I can be safe. Create and protect a small space where it is just the two of us.

30. Hugging from behind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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