35 Hilarious Things That Should Never Be Said While Walking On The Moon

35 Hilarious Things That Should Never Be Said While Walking On The Moon

If you ever get the chance to visit the moon, you probably don’t want to utter these words from Ask Reddit.

1. I hope this gets me laid.

2. First!

3. What’s with all the empty vodka bottles?

4. Oh wow, I can see Earth, it’s… it’s flat.

5. Can we reset and do that take again? I wasn’t really feeling my motivation.

6. Mom come pick me up I’m scared.

7. Bodies….where did all these bodies come from?

8. Time to clap some alien cheeks.

9. We brought the flag right?

10. Fuck, I think I locked the keys in the Lander.

11. Houston, do you think I should’ve used the bathroom before the mission?

12. It wasn’t worth the trip…

13. I am… really fucking high right now.

14. Is that an asteroid heading to earth?

15. It seems we’re not the first ones here.

16. That didn’t feel right, let me do it again.

17. Wow. This is a letdown.

18. Alright I’m here, detonate the earth.

19. Moon’s haunted.

20. It’s fucking cheese!

21. Wait, don’t start filming yet, my helmet isn’t on right.

22. Who the hell are you?

23. Fuck, I left the stove on!!

24. How do I get back?

25. I could really go for a taco right now.

26. Cool, millions of dollars just to put me and this bozo on a worthless rock, and see our garbage planet.

27. Ah fuck, it wasn’t a fart… Now it’s floating into my helmet… I’m done, fuck this… Going home for new pants.

28. Hail Hydra.

29. I claim this moon in the name of Russia.

30. I think I stepped on a dog shit.

31. How was that take, Mr. Kubrick?

32. What’s with this hammer and sickle etched in?

33. It’s all sticky!

34. That’s one small step for man, one… one… Line! Sorry guys.

35. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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