33 Shitty Things That Don't Actually Make You Look Cool

33 Things That Don’t Actually Make You Look Cool

Ask Reddit wants you to know NOTHING on this list makes you look cool.

1. Snapchat filters on your dating profile. Now everyone has their own tastes, but I’m not trying to date someone with a dog face.

2. Being into zodiac signs and using them as an excuse for their unlikeable behaviors.

3. Bragging about how little sleep they’re getting, how many all-nighters they’ve pulled, how busy they are, etc. mostly in a school setting.

  1. You need to manage your time better.

  2. You need to take care of yourself.

  3. Everyone has different sleep needs in terms of timing and length.

4. When you try to play it cool by not immediately answering the texts of someone you’re interested in. Just makes you look uninterested.

5. Having a side chick. Especially in some instagram ‘comedy’ cringe sketches where it’s ‘relatable’ jokes. No, it’s not funny or cool to cheat on your significant other, you’re trash.

6. Bragging about how much they can drink before passing out.

Wow! Man (or woman) fucking applause to you. Great achievement!

7. Posting photos of cash on social media. I always think it is funny how doing that is commonly accepted whereas if you screenshotted your bank account or net worth you’d be an asshole.

8. People who come out with life lessons and quotes. They think they are so profound and deep but I think they come off as bigheaded and stupid.

9. Bragging about how smart you are to other people.

10. Please stop blasting your music in places where people cannot escape it. I see your earbuds in your pocket. Please. Salvation.

11. Grown women who use baby-talk to other adults in normal conversation. No, you are not cute or cool or whatever the hell you think you are, weirdo.

12. People who drop or smash their weights at the gym on purpose.

13. Vaping.

14. Sticking your tongue out in EVERY PHOTO.

15. Saggy pants. There was a kid in my school whose pants sagged so low you could easily see his underwear.

16. For me it’s wearing ridiculously expensive shoes/clothing, especially when I know you really can’t afford it. I like quality apparel as much as the next person, but there’s a point where $350 sneakers are just ridiculous.

17. Being the girl with male best friends who is not like other girls.

18. Flat brims with the sticker still on it.

19. Elitism. It’s fucking stupid to attack someone who enjoys a hobby only because he doesn’t put his life on it.

20. Pretending to have mental issues.

21. People who rev their cars/motorbikes really loud, and it’s usually quite late at night while most people are trying to sleep.

22. Bragging about how bad they are, and how many felonies they have and how much of a total fucking cunt they are. One thing I don’t get is people bragging about how manipulative they are. Like, okay? Good job now I trust you even less.

23. Bragging about their parents’ wealth and success.

24. Hating all genres of music except the one they like, I learned this the hard way by only liking heavy metal and shitting on all other music without giving a chance as a teen. Metals still my favorite but all genres have good music.

25. Being an asshole while hiding being the, “It’s just a joke, stop taking it seriously. Why can’t you take a joke” statements.

26. Backwards upside down visor hats. WTF? Why was that a thing? It’d make more sense to walk around with an onion tied to your belt.

27. People listening to their voice messages with many people around.

28. Never admitting when you’re wrong. It may seem like a confidence power play, however, most people just don’t care enough about you to say anything or indicate that they noticed. They’ll just slowly drift away from you until one day you’re all alone wondering why no one with any level of competence wants to hang out/work with you.

29. When people post their weed on snapchat.

30. I was trying to explain to someone why I gave up coffee. I was addicted and I had started to suffer from insomnia. If I went too long (maybe like an hour or two) without one, I would begin to shake and migraines would set in. Basically just normal effects of overdoing caffeine. She asked me how many I was having, and basically tried to turn it into this competition of “oh I drink more coffee than you, omg I’m so quirky and sleep deprived haha.” Stop turning bad habits and other people’s issues into a competition of how badly you treat your body. It doesn’t make you cool.

31. Lip fillers.

32. Name dropping… who you know, or claim to know, does not make you cool, it only highlights your lack of worth.

33. People who brag about having lots of sex. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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